Bholaa Review

Bholaa Review

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“Bholaa,” featuring Ajay Devgn, Tabu, and Deepak Dobriyal, is an action-packed remake of the Telugu film “Kaithi.” Ajay Devgn brings a fresh perspective to “Bholaa,” infusing it with intensity, grit, and even elements of horror through gruesome action scenes. The film showcases well-choreographed action sequences that demand attention. While some scenes defy the laws of physics, embracing cinematic liberties, they contribute to the South-style action that the film aims to emulate.

The storyline may not be the strongest aspect, but the action sequences steal the spotlight. The narrative follows Bholaa, a released prisoner whose life takes an unexpected turn, leading him to assist police officers in dire straits. Amidst the chaos, Bholaa discovers a more significant threat, weaving suspense and danger into his journey.

Ajay Devgn portrays the titular character, Bholaa, with brutal intensity and a silent demeanour that commands attention. His mere presence is chilling, exuding power and menace. Tabu, as sub-inspector Diana, impresses with her strength and resilience, despite limited screen time in the second half. Deepak Dobriyal’s transformation from a comedic role to the menacing Ashwathama showcases his versatility and commitment to his character.

Directed by Ajay Devgn himself, “Bholaa” draws parallels to his earlier film “Shivaay,” evident in the VFX and action-packed sequences. While some close-up shots feel overdone, the action sequences stand out, infused with a South Indian flair. The film maintains a thrilling pace through its gripping long shots and slow-motion scenes.

In conclusion, “Bholaa” delivers on its promise of intense action and gripping suspense. Ajay Devgn’s commanding presence and Deepak Dobriyal’s exceptional performance contribute to the movie’s appeal. While the story may not be the highlight, the film offers a thrilling ride for fans of the action genre.

Rating: 7/10


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