Gaslight Review

Gaslight Review

“Gaslight,” starring Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, and Chitrangda Singh, presents a suspenseful thriller intertwined with elements of horror. Approaching the movie with neutral expectations, I found it to be a more satisfactory experience than anticipated. While Gaslight features both commendable and lacking aspects, it can be considered a worthwhile attempt at crafting a psychological thriller.

One of the movie’s drawbacks is its predictable storyline. The horror elements fail to induce genuine fear and are unlikely to startle audiences. While the film incorporates traditional horror tropes like wandering alone in a mansion at night and ambient jump scares, it lacks the desired chilling impact. Even for viewers who aren’t easily frightened, Gaslight still struggles to deliver genuine suspense.

The narrative revolves around Meesha, portrayed by Sara Ali Khan, who returns to her family estate after 15 years and discovers unsettling changes. Upon her father’s mysterious absence and a series of unsettling experiences, she suspects foul play. The story focuses on her quest to uncover the truth and reconnect with her father.

Sara Ali Khan’s portrayal of Meesha is decent, though her emotional scenes appear somewhat forced and less convincing. Vikrant Massey excels as Kapil, portraying both innocence and intrigue effectively. Chitrangda Singh’s role as Rukmini, the enigmatic second wife, commands attention despite a few shortcomings.

Director Pawan Kripalani, known for his horror genre expertise, creates a suspenseful atmosphere with Gaslight. While some twists are foreseeable, others succeed in surprising the audience. Nevertheless, the horror aspect fails to evoke genuine fear, relying on typical jump scares and sound effects. The screenplay’s loopholes and certain illogical elements impact the overall impact. While the first half of the film struggles to engage, the second half manages to deliver some intriguing moments. Despite its shortcomings, Gaslight attempts to maintain a dark and subdued theme, contributing to its suspenseful aura.

In conclusion, Gaslight is a respectable endeavour in the thriller genre. While the storyline’s predictability hampers its impact, a few unexpected twists salvage the narrative to some extent. Pawan Kripalani’s attempt at horror falls short, primarily relying on conventional tactics that fail to evoke genuine fear. While Gaslight isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, it does offer a passable viewing experience.

Rating: 6/10


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