Saand Ki Aankh Review

Saand Ki Aankh Review

It starts with 1999 in a Johri Village of UP, in which we can see a couple of months old women plotting to get outside the home without their husbands. We see they’re Chandro Tomar (Bhumi Pednekar) and Prakashi Tomar (Taapsee Pannu), they lead to a house full of absurd men who’re just laughing at the Dadis for picking up the gun. We’re the taken 20 years into the past to see how they both actually become Shooter Dadis.

We see the growing bond between Prakashi and Chandro, and how they are more similar to each other. From sneaking out from their male-dominated house to helping their granddaughters train for the sport of shooting, there’s a lot to cover in the second half film. I expected pop-feminism but not at the cost of making it overly dramatic.

If not with the looks, Taapsee Pannu as Prakashi & Bhumi Pednekar as Chandro is very believable as the oldies at least with their act. Bhumi overdoes the accent at places, but Taapsee maintains the uniformity till the end. It’s really tough to choose any one between the two because both of them get their fair share of heroineism. Both are brilliant in holding those dramatically written emotional scenes as well.

Prakash Jha is a tailor-made choice for the character of Rattan Singh Tomar. He carries the ‘unfriendly’ vibe around him and perfectly suits the baddie of the house. Viineet Kumar Singh hasn’t been used at its best. With movies like Ugly and Mukkabaaz, we’ve seen what wonders he can bring to a well-written script. Here, he gets a character that is pretty standard for what he can do. Pritha Bakshi & Sara Arjun do their part as the granddaughters very well. Pritha masterfully shares a very impactful scene with the dadis.

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