A magnificent night of entertainment with Benny, Shalmali & Gurmeet

A magnificent night of entertainment with Benny, Shalmali & Gurmeet


BU Media left no stone unturned in creating the perfect night of entertainment which was nothing short of magnificent. The sensational trio live in concert was undoubtedly one of the best live concerts to hit Durban. With world-class performances from the finest artistes of the Indian Music fraternity Benny Dayal and Shalmali Kholgade with Gurmeet Choudhary – Durban was left enthralled!

Benny Dayal is the ultimate powerhouse of talent. He is the true definition of a showman. He is the epitome of entertainment. Benny Dayal is soulful, fun and expressive.  He simply mesmerises and entertains you. Where there is Benny Dayal there is a party. He extraordinary stage presence. Benny Dayal sang an amazing variety of music from his great repertoire of music and Bollywood classic. He is a versatile singer with an amazing voice and fabulous dance moves. Durban certainly loves Benny Dayal. He is the artiste of today. He is voice of the youth and ultimately the biggest stars of contemporary Indian Cinema. A special shout out to the supremely talented band Funktuation.

Audiences journeyed with the gorgeous and chic Shalmali Kholgade on a passionate journey of music during her solo performance. She is an artiste who feels her music and sings from her soul. She is brilliance in motion, her stage presence is unparalleled – Shalmali exudes confidence as she sings dances and entertains. She is a world-class performer like Benny Dayal. She is graceful, stylish and transforms into the ultimate stage Diva! Shalmali is Bollywood’s answer Broadway! Her ability to sing and simultaneously dances so divinely is only comparable to Shakira. Shalmali is the best female artiste both live in concert and as a playback singer. Durban will surely be seeing this singing sensation many more times in the future. I described Shalmali as an enigma of sheer talent because what we have seen thus far is just the beginning of an incredible journey as she has much more to offer the music industry with her boundless talent and vivacity.

When two amazing performers of such great calibre come together you can only expect perfection. When Benny Dayal and Shalmali Kholgade performed together it was magical! They share a spectacular collection of music with hit songs like Besharmi Ki Height and Lat Lag Gaye. Benny and Shalmali are amazing on stage together as they set Durban ablaze with their soulful voices, brilliant dance moves and wonderful chemistry. I am sure in years to come they will belt out more super hit songs and they will surely be back to mesmerise Durban.

Gurmeet Choudhary is a megastar.  He illuminates the stage with his stardom. He is not only Indian TV’s best actor but a dancer as well. He is charming, expressive and truly enthrals you. He is nothing short of amazing! Gurmeet is a star who appreciates his fans. He loves his fans as much as his fans love him. If you love him from his iconic characters such as Yash from Punar Vivah / Married Again or Maan from Geet – let me tell you – Gurmeet Choudhary is even better live! He effortlessly dances and performs for his fans straight from his heart. It is easy to see why he is loved and endeared by so many fans worldwide which he totally deserves. He is humble and down to earth with a hunger to simply entertain. Whether as a Bollywood Star or as a TV Star – Durban will always love Gurmeet and we will surely be seeing him here for many more years to come. Gurmeet & Gurmeet fans rock!


The sensational trio live in concert was the inaugural show for Durban-based BU MEDIA. They have created an outstanding platform to showcase such exquisite talent. We wish Mr Hermith Hardeo more success from here on. Base Mechanics crafted a stylish and ultra-modern set for this showcase which wowed audiences. Durban’s favourite RJ & Media personality Varshan Sookhun was outstanding as the show compere. Local Keyboard maestro Kamithab Hardeo kicked off this glamorous night of entertainment as he performed some of Bollywood’s biggest hit songs which set the tone for this extremely fun night. To view 60 beautiful moments from this memorable night CLICK HERE.

Event coverage: Shevaal Singh | Documentary Photography: Keshlan Nadasen Photography.

© Shevaal Singh

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