Creature 3D : Fear has a new face this September!

Creature 3D : Fear has a new face this September!


In Creature, director Vikram Bhatt has redefined horror. The film offers its share of horror, on the other, there’s a synchronized drama that runs parallel in the story. Creature starts off with Ahana played by Bipasha Basu, playing the owner of a palatial garden resort by the name of Glendale Hotel, which is situated right in the middle of the forest.  This shared with Ahana’s warm and hospitable nature, forms the driving force for its patrons who gather for the hotel’s grand launch. Since the band which was to perform at the launch gets delayed, Bipasha Basu mistakes the guitar yielding Kunal played by Imran Abbas to be a band member and tells him to perform, a genuine mistake that later leads to friendship followed by love between the two. The celebrations come to a sudden halt when the hotel staff and guests go missing one by one. All this causes panic and unrest amongst the hotel guests. Despite the repeated pleas and requests, the local police refuse to investigate in detail and declare it to be the work of a wild animal like a lion or a cheetah. That’s when Professor Sadana played by Mukul Dev enters and takes charge of the situation. He then explains the concept of this ‘creature’ to be that of a ‘Brahmraakshas’, a topic which he has been researching about. He also states that these creatures are a resultant of a curse by the Gods.

The fear factor which Vikram Bhatt continues sharing with us continues in Creature. He has given the audience a taste of spine chilling monster experience. As far as the direction is concerned, Vikram Bhatt leaves no stone unturned to scare the audience with this film. The 3D experience which Vikram has created makes you feel the fear. He has ambled that extra mile to ensure there are no technical malfunctions, something in which he largely succeeds. The film does have a handful of melodious tracks and soulful music. On the other hand, the smart usage of background score by Raju Rao adds to the film’s overall narrative.


The film exclusively rests of Bipasha Basu’s shoulders who deliver a good performance. She handles the romantic scenes with the same amount of conviction as much as the action and fear scenes. Even though the friendship between her and the newcomer Imran Abbas seems wobbly in a handful of scenes, still the two carry the film very convincingly. Imran Abbas is decent but has a long way to go if he plans to have a serious career in Bollywood. Mukul Dev also delivers a substantial performance here. The rest of the ensemble cast (a few cameos by Rana, Saaqib and others) help push the film smoothly. Creature is a showcase  of  exactly what Bollywood can create using vfx.

Its a deserving  7/10 from us!


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