Finding Fanny : A good serving of entertainment!

Finding Fanny : A good serving of entertainment!

Writer-Director Homi Adajania has dared to break all conformist rules and manages to serve an absorbing and entertaining story that keeps you absorbed all of 93 minutes of the run time. It will surely appeal to the target group of an astute audience that values sensible entertainment.  Homi Adajania and Kersi Khambatta’s writing is attention grabbing. The dialogues are brainy, sarcastic and very funny. Even though the length of the film is one and a half hours, the narrative is certainly not pressurised. There’s no readiness to reach anywhere, it’s the eventful journey that takes you for a joyous ride. Love can be gloriously, subtle and elevating whether you are or aren’t looking for it. Lust is always fascinating. No two ways about it. The search for Stephanie Fernandes has its share of adventure, conflict, reviving love, sprouting of ‘Art’ and the joblessness of the ‘subject’ post ‘climax’.


Deepika Padukone as Angie looks exceedingly pretty and naturally combines with the brilliant trio of Naseer, Pankaj and Dimple. It’s criminal to imagine her as a widow. After the much publicized ping-pong with the Censor Board, the ‘virgin’ element doesn’t make sense when Angie tells Savio enacted by Arjun Kapoor  post making love, that “there’ll be many more times and he could get better …” For someone who has never ‘experienced’ sex before, to tell the man that he could get ‘better’, sounds presumptuous. Arjun displays his angst-and-anger. Naseeruddin Shah as Ferdie, like a chameleon, turns a different colour. His hesitant equanimity, irredeemable idealization and the inclination to overstate his own condition is entrancing. Pankaj Kapur’s as Pedro delicious lecherousness is the big highlight of Finding Fanny. He is an illusionist of an actor. You don’t want to miss anything he says or does. He has some of the best lines in the film. When he addresses Ferdie by Naseeruddin Shah as ‘Casanova of Konkan’, and the manner in which he says it, one bursts out laughing. He brazenly woos Rosie enacted by the evergreen Dimple Kapadia making no bones about the reason for his ‘interest’ in her. Dimple looks superb. She is the powerhouse at more than a few times with her straight faced responses or one-liners. The scene where Pedro makes a portrait of Rosie is a laugh-riot. Pankaj Kapur deserves applaud!!!


Homi Adajania’s along with Kersi Khambatta are fantastic. The five odd characters offer lots of intelligent entertainment. It is different from conventional Indian cinema which makes it more enjoyable. With a big name like Deepika Padukone getting associated with this film and then Arjun Kapoor bringing in eye balls too, FINDING FANNY has enough curiosity around it. If you’re tired of the irrational fare doled out by Bollywood week after week and have an appreciation for Unusual-entertainment. FINDING FANNY will fill your soul with delight. It is well deserved 8/10 from us!!!




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