Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway Movie Review

Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway Movie Review

“Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway,” featuring Rani Mukerji, draws inspiration from the true story of Sagarika Chakraborty, a determined mother who fought for her children. The film centres around Debika Chatterjee, an Indian mother living happily in Norway with her husband and kids, Shub and Suchi. However, her joy is shattered when her children are forcibly taken by the Child Welfare Agency, which alleges her mental instability and inability to raise her kids. Unfazed by societal labels and her husband’s doubts, Debika embarks on a relentless battle to reclaim her children from her own adopted country.

The agency’s reasons for considering Debika an unfit mother include cultural practices like feeding her kids with her hands, sharing a bed, and applying kajal tikka on her forehead. These seemingly Indian traditions lead to the children’s removal without adhering to proper procedures, prompting contemplation on Norway’s governance and ethos. “Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway” evokes anger while evoking profound emotions, delivering a heartfelt narrative.

The narrative revolves around an immigrant Indian mother’s battle against the Norwegian foster care system and local legal machinery to regain custody of her children. Rani Mukerji’s performance deserves immense applause, as she seamlessly embodies Mrs. Chatterjee’s character. From a loving mother to a vulnerable soul, Rani’s portrayal is authentic and moving, forging a powerful connection with the audience.

The movie captures the arduous journey of a mother willing to go to any lengths to reunite with her children. Director Ashima Chibber successfully portrays the mother’s plight, emphasizing her undying love for her kids. The story and Rani Mukerji’s stellar performance are tear-inducing, undoubtedly requiring tissues at hand. Although I’m not one to easily shed tears during movies, my friends were moved to tears throughout, a testament to the film’s impactful nature.

Witnessing a mother’s relentless efforts on the screen serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles mothers endure to care for their children. No mother can truly be unfit for her role. However, the film is not without flaws. At times, the editing appears abrupt, disrupting the movie’s flow. Certain scenes, like Rani’s prayer for her children’s well-being followed by a sudden dance sequence, feel disjointed and disrupt the film’s essence. Additionally, more elaboration on the Velfred Agency, pivotal to the story, would have added depth and intrigue.

In conclusion, “Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway” delivers a compelling story based on true events, punctuated by Rani Mukerji’s exceptional performance. The film resonates with deep emotions, highlighting the strength and determination of a mother’s love. Despite some editing and storytelling shortcomings, the movie succeeds in conveying a powerful and heartrending narrative.


Rating: 6.5/10

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