Shiddat Review

Shiddat Review

Available on Disney Hotstar (Still unavailable in South Africa)- we found a version on youtube that was taken down within hours!

A happy go lucky guy Jaggi (Sunny) inspired by the love story of a man whose wedding he gatecrashes, falls in love with a girl Kartika (Radhika). He meets her at a sports camp. Soon after they fall for each other and take things ahead, he gets to know Kartika is about to get married.

There was a phase in Bollywood when modern new-age loverboys and their love overshadowed everything, literally everything. Shiddat is the perfect template to bring him to the theatre. A peppy music album, a story that is crazy and far away from the real world and actors who know their job nicely.

But let’s discuss logic. It’s 2021 Jaggi, you just don’t show up thousands of miles far from home without informing them beforehand. Of course, he is denied a visa and he takes the Dora The Explorer route, but wouldn’t it have been more convenient to call Kartika from India? How is Jaggi always groomed, even while travelling through mountains without resources? Also, why is no one in Jaggi’s family bothered about his whereabouts? The climax is shaped up to be the biggest twist but it’s a bit too convenient.

Another Kaushal from the talented mill, Sunny knows his job well. Having been a fan of the actor since Gold (yes, he was in there. Go check), he surrenders himself to Jaggi. He has to become mad to enact him and Sunny shines. Radhika Madan can sleepwalk through Kartika, because she has done more complex characters already. She does it with ease and I enjoyed it. Mohit Raina is also here and gets a meatier second half. He becomes the big brother Jaggi never had and forms a bond that is visible. Diana Penty, Her screen presence is so radiant and her crying so natural. We need more of you Diana.

Costume department, gift me all Sunny Kaushal’s clothes, please! The styling is beautiful and suits the parts. Cinematography by Amalendu Chaudhary is a staple. It gets creative during the dance number and mountains, but then that’s just 25-30 minutes of the film. Music by Sachin Jigar is peppy and in sync with Indian pop culture.

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