Little Things Season 4 (Web) – Review

Little Things Season 4 (Web) – Review

From what started as a cute short series on Youtube and season 2 making its Netlfix debut – Season 4 is the finale to Dhruv & Kavya’s story!

Season 3 end wasn’t an easy one. Dhruv Vats and Kavya Kulkarni were parting ways temporarily, and that last kiss made it more emotional for the viewers. Season 4 begins 14 months after that night and the couple reunites in Kerala. Life isn’t the same wild anymore, they are ageing, calculations are kicking in and so is the topic of marriage. Heads up this is the last time we are meeting Dhruv and Kavya, so prepare yourself.

Earlier three seasons penned by Dhruv Sehgal, the fourth season credits him as the Co-Executive Producer. Abhinandan Shridhar this time pens the show and also takes the developing credits. A very courageous decision to change the writer who has created the first three successful seasons.

Coming back to Season 4. All this while it has been about the ‘Little Things’ in a relationship, and especially when the couple is in live-in. It’s been 6 years that two have managed to sail but how long will they ignore the bigger questions? Marriage? Kids? Life after a certain point? And the new season is just about that. While I enjoyed the fresh season with my share of complaints, I must give a disclaimer that it is not to suit everyone’s appetite. The shift in a more mature gaze towards a relationship that has almost seen it all might bother many who binged it for the cuteness factor.

Kavya turns 30 and so do her problems. The writers make sure they don’t stereotype these two by their age, but how long can one run from the fact that life is happening to them. The problems get more relatable to 30 somethings. The detailing gets more mature. Be it Dhruv’s crooked glasses or Kavya handling both the set of parents responsibly.

Ruchir Arun in his direction lets the couple move freely. They aren’t bound to a marking, but, the decision of improvising is left up to them. Maybe that helps more in bringing out the authenticity. DOP Anirudh Patankar captures the greens of Kerala and the concrete of the city quite impressively. Music by Neel Adhikari is the perfect thing to be playing in the background as Dhruv and Kavya sprinkle their cheesy magic.

By now, Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal are Dhruv and Kavya. They don’t need a brief to act like them, but it seems to come out of them naturally. This is the last time we meet Dhruv and Kavya. I wish they didn’t stop making the show. Even if they are growing up, there is still a spark. Get into it and feel the magic. Bonus point: the climax is made to win hearts!

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