War Review

War Review

As the trailer suggested, War is a story about an agent, from Indian Intelligence, named Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) going rogue for the reasons best known to him. His protege Khalid (Tiger Shroff) gets the mission of shooting Kabir on the spot. A flashback takes us two years ago from the present day to build up the bromance between Kabir & Khalid. There it’s revealed that Khalid is the son of a traitor who was killed by Kabir.

Khalid joins the intelligence just to clean up the mess his father created for his family. He gets into the team with Kabir, earns his respect by fighting some bad guys and taking a bullet for him (that’s a must). This brings us back to the present day in this forced non-linear storyline. Khalid has to find Kabir who’s killing some major Government employees, and ask him why he’s doing all this. Why is he doing all this? Your guess is as good as the predictable twists in the movie.

Hrithik Roshan is, without any doubt, the most good-looking guy in Bollywood right now. He’s stylish, he’s confident and has a different aura around him in this film. From his walk to the way he winks, Hrithik is very convincing in his role. He is brilliantly aided by Tiger Shroff, and we all already know how good he’s at the action sequences. But, still, he surprises with those moves and will garner many ‘oh wows’. As far as acting is concerned, it’s as usual pretty ordinary but a step ahead is always good. Vaani Kapoor’s role is as short. She’s doing Trapeze and lazy dancing despite being such an energetic dancer, that’s where the makers’ vision lacks. Ashutosh Rana is wasted as a supporting character. He gets no scope to display his acting skills.

Watch it for the action & style because there’s nothing else to look up to.

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