Photograph Review

Photograph Review

The subtly strong performances by Sanya, Nawazudhin Siddiqui, the celebrated cinematography taking us to the ‘night we met’ Mumbai & the calming background score makes this endearing.

Sanya Malhotra as Miloni/Noorie is magic on screen! The way she plays with her voice, that becomes a sub-character of her role. Photograph tops the list beating Dangal as her best performance to date.

Playing Rafi must not have been hard for Nawaz because it’s a tailor-made role for him. The character outshines his acting skills to attract natural innocence. Yet again, those subtle pauses in his dialogues are like the cherry on the cake. Farrukh Jaffar as Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s grandma is the biggest takeaway for me from the film. Her annoyingly loving character is from the same storage as Paresh Rawal’s Chachaji from Atithi Kab Jaaoge?

It’s a love story not between just a man and a woman but also between us as an audience and the city shown in the film. A ‘monumental’ photographer (those who we meet outside the monuments) Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) clicks a very shy, introvert, in herself Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) outside Mumbai’s Gateway Of India. He’s not leading a very happy life because he’s struggling with a loan, he does not have a lot of money, his grandmother stays ill and wishes to witness his marriage.

Photographs childlike innocence will attract you towards it. Sanya Malhotra’s profound performance will find its fans.

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