Mere Pyare Prime Minister Review

Mere Pyare Prime Minister Review

Set in the slums of Mumbai’s Gandhi Nagar, the story revolves around a single mother Sargam (Anjali Patil) and her son Kanhu (Om Kanojiya). They both share very beautiful chemistry until the day Sargam gets raped on returning from defecating from the fields.

This disrupts the life of the 8-year-old Kanhu and he decides to build a toilet for his mom on his own. When this plan fails, he takes the support from the municipality and reaches till the Prime Minister. How Kanhu faces this issue for his mom, is what the rest of the story is about.

Anjali Patil is a super-fine performer and we last saw her in Newton. She is extremely natural in this one too and gets the essence of a mother very well. She looks beautiful and excels in the emotional scenes.

Om Kanojiya is a star! This 8-year-old explosion just goes on the screen and be himself. Bundled with so much talent, Om gets a lot of space to display it. The entire movie is burdened on him and other extremely talented child artists. Rasika Agashe as Rabiya is very good. She nails an emotional scene making it very hard to forget it. From the kids, Adarsh Bharti (Ringtone) shines the brightest.

Mere Pyare Prime Minister is a sweet film with a social message but fails to create an emotional connect. The story is a drag and this could easily have been a short film.

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