Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair: An elemental bazaar of dance & couture

Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair: An elemental bazaar of dance & couture

The 16th Annual Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair showcased spectacular fashion, couture & décor with several other services required by brides on their big day. Like every year – many patrons go to the fair essentially to attend the highly entertaining Fashion Show.

The Fashion Show was produced by Epic Entertainment who created magic in both 2013 and 2014 – in creative association with Durban’s finest Indian dance institute Nateshwar Dance Company (a division of Nateshwar Dance Academy) with choreography by the talented Shampa Gopikrishna & Ankita Maity and graphic design and research by Tempest Media.  The show was technically all-encompassing & looked amazing. The calibre of this production is that of an international level.  Epic Entertainment has flawlessly produced another unforgettable Fashion Show.

The Fashion Show entitled ELEMENTS was a unique, entertaining and ethereal experience for patrons at the fair this year. The theme and presentation of this show was astonishing to many but comprehensively appreciated by patrons of all ages.  The elements dealt with in this production are the core of our existence i.e. Air, Earth, Water & Fire. Shampa Gopikrishna is truly a powerhouse of talent. One of the most important aspects leading to the success of this year’s Fashion show is the sheer brilliance of choreography.

Dancers Pavishen Paideya, Priyen Naidoo and Sainita Padayachy were without a doubt the highlight of the showcase with their enchanting, alluring and powerful performance to the track Katra Katra – they have truly given this track a new identity and meaning. Another performer worth mentioning is the elegant and expressive Riyaska Singh who embodied water through dance. The team of Nateshwar Dance Company deserves recognition for their energy, finesse and power on stage.

Singing sensation Shruti Rane added charm, soul and fun to the event with her beautiful rendition to some of Bollywood’s timeless classics namely lag ja gale, Mast Kalandar with modern-day hits such as Samjhawan and Chittiyaan Kalayiaan. She performed alongside dancers during their performances and fashion segments not forgetting her fun interaction with audiences.

Our headline designer Nida Azwer’s collection showcased bespoke and haute couture featuring a wide variety of premium hand crafted garments crafted with the use of pure fabrics including Irish linen, chiffon and hand-woven silks. Her casual contemporary collection offers short tunics and long gowns with pleats, drapes and weaves. Everything made under the Nida Azwer label is hand-worked in Pakistan.

Suvidha and Paaneri surely displayed a spectacular range of bridal fashion with Indian couture alongside local Men’s fashion brands Mr Executive and Omar’s Tailors and outfitters and local bridal retailer Nisaa who added elegance and glamour to the show. Pagli presented a cheerful collection while Roopkala captivated us with an ultra-chic and modern collection with eye-catching prints and bold design. Magic Mirror added gorgeous fine art cosmetic jewellery to the show.

The exhibition was incredible! Koogan Pillay Set Design and Magic Lighting were most loved by patrons who were simply amazed by the stylish décor and lighting available to the wedding market. Bhagwan’s Caterers set up a grandiose restaurant serving mouth-watering snacks and meals with decadent desserts.

The Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair is surely one of Durban’s most awaited calendar events of the year. It is the true definition of celebration! It is celebration of Indian Weddings, Fashion, Décor and Entertainment. The Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair’s Fashion Show was proudly presented by Epic Entertainment in creative association with Shampa Gopikrishna, Tempest Media & Nateshwar Dance Company with in association with SONY, DSTV and Durban ICC & title sponsor Sunday Times.


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