Shamitabh : A novelty piece of cinema!

Shamitabh : A novelty piece of cinema!



A fan pleasing tribute to the magic of the magnificent Amitabh Bachchanji  and a salute to the acting powers of the south god in the making Dhanush. R Balki’s Shamitabh  is high on concept that is delivered more with heart and less with mind. R Balki next after the path breaking Paa is a bit Cheeni Kum as per his own set standards but ‘Paa’ in his tribute to nation’s most loved baritone making the fans of both Mr. Bachchan and Dhanush in the South. The dialogues and the novelty in the idea makes it an engaging and interesting watch. R Balki comes up with another crackling idea. An Igatpuri born naturally gifted talent Danish (Dhanush) aspires to be film star right from the childhood. The born to act Dhanish works in a bus station, he sells bhajiays to earn rupaiyas for his first day first show in the nearby theatre. After repeated efforts to elope to Mumbai and from graduating from selling bhajiyas to a ticket collector  Dhanish one day enters the land of his dreams – Mumbai. He has the talent, spirit everything but still one thing is missing. Danish meets Akshara an AD to a well established Director and they both find the missing ingredient for Danish stardom – Amitabh Sinha who is a whiskey gulping arrogant total flop ex b-town struggler who has a mesmerizing deep baritone voice. With the help of technology Danish and Amitabh get rechristen intro one name Shamitabh . Danish becomes an overnight phenomenon and his voice becomes the talk of the nation. Laced with bonding and jealousy a spirit of up man ship develops between the two leading to clash of egos and unfortunate events.

R Balki’s boisterous ovation to the phenomenon called Bachchan mastered by Dhanush impeccable skills of spontaneity makes ‘Shamitabh’ a two thumps up act. Balki’s concept is unique and he carries the emotion and energy of the film soothingly during the first half like Cheeni Kum.. as the red carpet of stardom gets laid for Danish and egos go high ‘Shamitabh’ takes the audience on a scotch whiskey type high. The bond, the jealousy, the game of up man ship layered with a spooky take on Indian masala entertainers and amazing one-liners keep the audience completely in awe of Bachchan and Dhanush. Mr Bachchan gives a stand out performance. A master act. He keeps his best for Balki and this time his deep baritone voice does wonders. Mr Bachchan is the voice and soul of Shamitabh. His flawless dialogue delivery and super voice modulation is worth every penny. Outstanding. Truly a class act. Dhanush is incredible. To match with the powers of living legend like Amitabh needs tremendous confidence and Dhanush in his second film gives it equal to the icon. A dream role for any actor Dhanush is perfect and seems so effortless in his portrayal. If Amitabh Bachchan is the soul of Shamitabh then Dhanush is the body. What a performance. Both Dhanush and Amitabh complete each other marvelously supporting R Balki’s cause. Akshara Hassan makes a fantastic debut and in spite of having two stalwarts she gets enough meat in her role and she does a noteworthy act. She has the looks and talent. From the many cameos of B-town big and the famous, the one of Rekha is fabulous.

Technically well crafted P.C. Sreeram’s cinematography is eye popping. The veteran genius Ilayaraja music goes with the mood of the film. Piddly is the pick of the lot and its picturisation is hilarious. Production values are of top standards. There are flaws and unfortunately they are not ‘piddley’. The idea is novel but R Balki this time takes some extra liberty and strangely opts for convenience which goes against his previously set standards. The second half meanders unnecessarily for a good 15 minutes and the twist in the tale during the climax fails to achieve the desired impact. R Balki’s ‘Shamitabh’ is completely intoxicated by the magic of the incredible Mr Bachchan and the amazing Dhanush. Though ‘Cheeni Kum’ as compared to Balki’s previous creations, the awesome twosome act of Amitabh and Dhanush keeps the audience mesmerized while fans will go home with heads up and clouds in their hands others will not find much to repent. We loved it! I am sure you will too!

Rating: 3.5 Stars | 7/10


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