Dedh Ishqiya : A charming old-fashion tale told with cinematic perfection!

Dedh Ishqiya : A charming old-fashion tale told with cinematic perfection!

In 2010 Ishqiya brought audiences nothing less than brilliant storytelling with panache and acting par excellence however Dedh Ishqiya proves that some sequels can out do its prequel. Dedh Ishqiya brings us more diverse characters and a ‘conspiracy’ styled narration which mesmerises audiences. Director Abhishek Chaubey took the risk of taking ahead the storyline from where the trio of Khalu (Naseeruddin Shah) Krishna (Vidya Balan), and Babban (Arshad Warsi) left off after being done with their tricks. He has has definitely concocted a story with a more convincing picture painted with darker colours with the hint of comedy.
This time around, Babban with Khalu and the don Mustaq (Salman Shahid) reprise their roles but there is are numerous twists in this story. Khalujaan has an illustrious plan at work. He vigorously dons the attire of a shayar called Iftikhaar Hussain in order to win over the gorgeous Begum Para of Mahmudabad. The Begum had vowed her late husband to remarry the one who could woo her with his shayari (poetry). The elegant Begum Para has a confidant, Munira who is always by her side. There is a politician named Jaan Mohammad Khan (Vijay Raaz) who is also trying tooth and nail to have the beautiful Begum as his bride. While the men waiting for the Begum`s loves . They have a plot in place waiting to be executed. The women of this tale don`t fail to surprise the men and the audiences with their novel yet laughter-inducing shenanigans.
With a cast boasting the likes of Naseeruddin Shah, Vijay Raaz, Arshad, Huma Qureshi and most imperatively Madhuri Dixit, Dedh Ishqiya is without a doubt the blood diamond of Indian cinema for the aficionados of this genre. Madhuri emanates a charming ,graceful and mesmerising aura on-screen and Huma is amazing in every frame she appears on. The chemistry between Madhuri and Naseeruddin looks very real regardless of their wide age gap but we will go for the crazy tricks created by the duo Babban & Khalu. If you are planning to watch the film for Madhuri , you should go ahead and book your tickets as the director has provoked a brilliant performance from the actor. The actress has made a sparkling comeback and clearly still has the potential to rule the industry for another era.

The music created by Vishal Bhardwaj is apt and proficient in rendering the essential force and conviction to the film`s story. The neatly edited scenes make the film a charming treat for the eyes. Dedh Ishqiya stands on its own and stands out. Whether you watch it for the Begum`s on-screen surreal charm or Babban and Khalu’s madness this escapade will pleasure you. Dedh Ishqiya’s success can be attributed to the rigid story of Darab Farooqui which is assisted by Abhishek Chaubey’s adequate screenplay and Vishal Bhardwaj’s exquisite dialogues and Bashir Badr’s lovely Urdu poems which was brought to life by the passionately talent cast . Chaubey invokes an old-fashioned, lyrical and extravagant world which he uses to illustrate the wealth of medieval society. Dedh Ishqiya surely will bag numerous awards not only for the acting but technically as well , Dedh Ishqiya is without a doubt a cinematic treat. The Bollywood Tempest awards Dedh Ishqiya a deserving 9/10!

4.5/5 Stars


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