Bhootnath Returns : Fun for audiences of all ages!

Bhootnath Returns : Fun for audiences of all ages!

The director has picked the right time to release the sequel `Bhoothnath Returns`. The wave in the country for a revolution of the face of politics is high, and the movie certainly takes the ride. `Bhoothnath Returns` picks up from where `Bhoothnath` left off which is great for continuation since most sequels are just a name to eat off the success of the prequel. A ghost ridiculed for his inability to scare kids in heaven, returns to the mortal world to try his hand with some urban Mumbaikars. With little success in scaring children, the ghost turns to change lives of the burdened and decides to do some good for the society instead.

As Bhoothnath (Amitabh Bachchan) enters the foggy world of politics, the tone of the movie changes from a comedy for children to sending out a message to the country.  The performances of each of the actors is superb and Parth Bhalerao is engaging, smart and matches up to Big B without the slenderest unwillingness, much like his character `Akhrot`. Boman Irani is as usual his best as the comic-villian Bhau and the evolution he shows from being a humour inducing goon to a truly intimidating politician eradicating his opposition with his trusted sidekick(Brijendra Kala) is spectacular. Sanjay Mishra in a small role as a honest lawyer makes you wonder why he doesn`t get profounder roles in Bollywood.

Parth as Akhrot makes the movie valuable, even with a lethargic second half. It would not be too wrong to say that the young lad acts with the ability that eclipses Sr Bachchan`s act at times. He has some of the best moments of the movie and the director has really handpicked a gem who we hope to see more often on the silver screen. The movie is predictable and loses its humour soon after the interval. The done to death plot of the small fry trying to take on corrupt politicians with eccentric methods and winning over the hearts of the audience was also not unforeseen. But the movie is modest. The laughs are witty as well as natural and even with some jokes that are inspired. Even though `Bhoothnath` has the young as its audience, the sequel targets the adults urging the masses to go out and vote to the right man. There are a few cameo appearances too by Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap, perhaps endorsing the mood of the film.

I would not be too surprised if the movie soon gets the tax exemption as the message is brash and vibrant `Go out and vote, be the change`. The movie does not side with a particular party and is careful to avoid any kind of communal focus. The music of `Bhoothnath Returns’ is mediocre. The real life images during the soulful `Sahib`, penned by Munna Dhiman, composed by Ram Sampath and solidified by Rituraj are heartwarming `Bhoothnath Returns` is for the whole family , It also emanates its pivotal message which illustrates that everyone should use their right to vote. I give this film a  7.5/10!

Amitabh Bachchan with Yo! Yo! Honey Singh in Party with Bhootnath!


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