2 States review : The Love Story of 2 Families!

2 States review : The Love Story of 2 Families!

The story 2 states tell isn’t one that is unaccustomed to Indian cinema. We are familiar with inter-caste marriage since yesteryear cinema and in recent times with films such as Vicky Donor and the celebrated and successful Chennai Express. However 2 States is based on the superbly talented Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller ‘2 States: The Story Of My Marriage’ and the film is set in present with society’s more liberal attitude towards marriage, In this film a North Indian boy enacted by Arjun Kapoor and his Tamilian darling enacted by Alia Bhatt do not oppose their parents’ wishes and get married? They are madly in love and have rewarding jobs with goals and ambition yet still seeks to marry once their respective parents are happier then themselves when they marry? Director Abhishek Varman seamlessly answers the wide-ranging questions crossing the minds of the lovers and their families. The couple here are no rebels who would simply elope. In its place, they elect to convince their families, gain their trust, also making the families destroy the biases and misapprehensions of ethnic dissimilarities. The film inspires you to love beyond all differences and to overcome them instead of running in the opposite direction.

Love marriages which occur around the world are simple. The boy loves girl and the girl loves boy which leads to marriage. In the Indian community there’s a girl’s family must love the boy. The boy’s family must love the girl. Oh yes the girl’s family has to love the boy’s family and vice versa in order for the marriage to take place! 2 States is a story which orbits the voyage of one such couple, Krish Malhotra played by Arjun Kapoor and Ananya Swaminathan enacted by Alia Bhatt. They meet at the IIM-Ahmedabad and fall in love. Difficulties ascend when they agree to get married. Krish and Ananya belong to two different states of India: Krish, who is a North Indian Punjabi boy from Delhi, whereas Ananya is a Tamilian Brahmin girl from Chennai. They take a decision till their parents agree, they won’t get married. All goes downhill when the parents meet. There is an ethnic clash and the parents oppose the wedding. To transfigure their love story into a love marriage, the couple has to overcome all hurdles in their pathway. It’s easy to contest and become rebellious, but much harder to persuade their families. Will Krish & Ananya’s love withstand the battles? Will they succeed in convincing their parents? This sweetly told story unfolds the answers to the abovementioned questions in true Dharma Production splendour!

Abhishek Varman stays authentic to Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller, adjusting it charmingly on the big screen. He captures with finesse namely ; The varied cultures, the uneasiness, the pressures when people talk of inter-caste association, the love and the perseverance to win their parents’ trust in all aspect with all the emotions that are captured meticulously by the storyteller. Abhishek also journeys audiences into the outlook of the two families, emphasising the qualms that arise in such a situation, yet he doesn’t disparage or disgrace any community. Abhishek makes a noteworthy debut as a storyteller. His eye for detail, the compassion with which he grips relationships, the complex story that he narrates without resorting to gimmicks catches your attention. The story flows faultlessly, the structure of events trail a tempo, the balance between the pair’s wish to get married and their mission to make things work amid the two families is picture-perfect. The man who made this cinematic treat available to all on paper Chetan Bhagat packs in ample cinematic splendour in his flawless writing which is engaging and enjoyable stuff at the same time.

The soundtrack by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy mixes gorgeously with this genre of cinema. While a couple of compositions are melodious, you relate to the songs more when you listen to them in milieu. Kudos to the talented, Binod Pradhan’s cinematography as he smears each captured-moment in an exquisite assortment or colour making it a visually appealing experience. Hussain Dalal’s dialogue is eloquent and bears the feelings and sentiments of all characters delightfully. The choreography is fresh yet has its tradional roots! Iski Uski , Offo are superbly entertaining foot tappers and I’m sure the soon to be sungeeth night party starter! Mast Magan is touchingly soulful. It is excellent to see Dharma expose more of India in their films rather than set their films abroad. Like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani exposed the scenic beauty of Manali, Tibet and Udaipur, 2 States takes us from Ahmedabad to Delhi then Chennai to Mumbai!

2 States is poles apart from the genre of films Arjun Kapoor have featured to date such as his debut Ishaqzaade, Aarangzeb and Gunday – This role is more real and it demands that he gets rid of the typical filmy and predictable hero and understand the character with depth. Arjun steals the show with an unforced, delightful and undoubted depiction. He is sure to shock many people with this movie. Alia Bhatt is born to be a star. She is perfect as Ananya and portrays her role naturally and has clasped Tamil with skill proves. She proves yet again that she needs no words to connect with her audience , her onscreen presence is enough! .Post her superb performance in Highway, Alia gets another multifaceted character to prove her worth and she does a super job of understanding her character with poise. Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt share amazing chemistry! They should be seen together more often onscreen.

The supporting cast is unfailingly marvellous. Ronit Roy is vivacious in a difficult-to-portray character yet he impresses. Amrita Singh is awesome as the dominating mother, she also adds great humour to the film as well as creates the strain but she’s all in all just lovable in this role. Revathy is superb; she acts so naturally and adds a lovely element to this film. She’s eccentric! Shiv Subramanyam is great as Alia’s father. The sensational Achint Kaur is brilliant in this film; she has a small yet dynamic role in this film. She has great screen presence and lightens up the uptight role which Amrita Singh depicts. We wish to see her in meatier roles!

In totality, 2 States is truly one of the most entertaining films of contemporary times, it depicts the various relationships one forms in his or lives as well as how marriage isn’t only the joining of two souls rather the coming together of families. This one is worth watching twice! The Bollywood Tempest gives 2 States a very well deserved 10/10 and we recommend you watch this entertaining film of love!


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