Mrs Undercover

Mrs Undercover

Mrs Undercover,” starring Radhika Apte, Sumeet Vyas, and Rajesh Sharma, revolves around Durga, an undercover agent living incognito as a middle-class housewife. She is summoned back to active duty, leading to a humorous juxtaposition as she struggles to balance her secret agent role with her household duties. Despite its feminist undertones and empowerment message, the film employs humour to tackle serious themes. Director Anushree Mehta takes a lighthearted approach, parodying spy movies, which contributes to its comedic appeal.

Radhika Apte’s performance shines as she seamlessly transitions between her roles as an ordinary housewife and a skilled operative. The dynamic between Apte and Rajesh Sharma, portraying mentor and protege, adds to the film’s charm. The movie creatively addresses misogyny and societal issues, while also incorporating elements of Bengali culture authentically.

However, the film has some shortcomings. Certain parts of the script contain sleazy elements that may be off-putting, and the antagonist’s character development appears rushed. The climax, though well-built, ends with an unexpected and unsatisfying twist.

Despite these drawbacks, Radhika Apte’s versatility, along with the performances of the ensemble cast, including Sumeet Vyas and Rajesh Sharma, make “Mrs Undercover” a compelling watch. The film combines entertainment with a message, making it worth a watch, though it may feel a bit preachy at times.

Overall Rating: 7/10




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