Ram Setu Review

Ram Setu Review

Aryan (Akshay Kumar), a renowned atheist archaeologist, is chosen to research Ram Setu’s construction and determine if it’s man-made or a natural phenomenon. His investigation leads to public backlash for questioning the existence of Ramayana. A billionaire (Nassar) attempts to manipulate Aryan’s research for his benefit, leading to unexpected twists.

Ram Setu’s script lacks originality and becomes highly predictable in the second half. The film’s story and execution disappoint, leaving much to be desired.

Akshay Kumar’s performance fails to impress, leaving fans disheartened. Nushrratt Bharuccha and Jacqueline Fernandez have minimal impact on the film. The supporting cast’s characters lack logic and depth, contributing to the movie’s mediocrity. Abhishek Sharma’s direction and Daniel B. George’s background score fall short of expectations. The film’s soundtrack is forgettable.

Rating: 4/10


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