Maja Ma Review

Maja Ma Review

Maja Ma, led by the graceful Madhuri Dixit and the endearingly flawed yet charming Gajraj Rao, fearlessly tackles the complex subject of sexuality and gender roles. While the film occasionally stumbles in its execution, it manages to convey its point with the help of accomplished performances, particularly from its seasoned actors.

Madhuri Dixit portrays Pallavi, a devoted mother and wife, whose hidden truth is unexpectedly revealed early on. The story takes a unique path, focusing on Pallavi’s personal journey of self-acceptance rather than solely on societal acceptance. The narrative also follows her son Tejas (Ritwik Bhowmik) as he tries to impress his future in-laws, a comically conservative NRI couple.

Despite some inconsistencies in character development and narrative mechanics, the film benefits from the seasoned charm of experienced actors. Gajraj Rao shines in his familiar empathetic middle-aged role, while Madhuri Dixit’s portrayal of Pallavi adds depth and poise to her character’s evolving journey.

The film’s exploration of complex themes occasionally clashes with attempts at humour, leading to tonal shifts. Nonetheless, Rao and Dixit’s performances save the film from being a complete disappointment. The story might have been more impactful if it delved deeper into the dynamics of the middle-aged couple facing a new challenge together.

In the end, Maja Ma triumphs in its portrayal of self-acceptance and the courage to face personal truths, thanks in large part to the iconic Madhuri Dixit’s commitment to the role.


Rating: 7/10

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