Dasvi Review

Dasvi Review

Gangaram Chaudhary, the Chief Minister of a fictional place called Harit Pradesh, has named his wife as his successor, following a similar pattern as we saw in the case of Ganga. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when a young jailor in prison encourages him to pursue education, something he had always dismissed. Will Ganga be able to pass his 10th boards and reclaim his position as CM? Moreover, who transformed Nimrit Kaur’s fashion sense? All these questions are explored in the movie.

Dasvi Movie Review: Script Analysis Abhishek Bachchan seems to be stuck in a repetitive loop as the makers offer him scripts that resemble shows available on OTT platforms, like “The Big Bull,” which tend to be more explorative and better executed. Despite drawing inspiration from real-life political stories, Dasvi’s foundation is a mix of fact and fiction, portraying the life of a CM in prison that seems less like a typical jail. The noble cause of an ignorant man striving to pass his 10th boards and prove himself is overshadowed by a long and drawn-out narrative that loses track of its original purpose. The attempt to create a three-dimensional world is evident, but the climax conveniently resolves scattered plot points.

The film’s pacing raises questions, as it rushes through significant events and skips over logical sequences. The portrayal of dark crime stories, such as honor killings, class divide, caste divide, and corruption, lacks depth and fails to evoke the seriousness of these real-world issues. Even the education system’s flaws, which were meant to be highlighted, are not effectively presented.

The humor in the film feels repetitive and outdated, and attempts to induce laughter fall flat. Nimrit Kaur’s performance stands out as she portrays a character vastly different from her usual filmography, adding depth to her role. Yami Gautam’s portrayal of the SI is earnest, outshining Abhishek Bachchan in some scenes. However, the caricaturist approach to Abhishek’s character prevents it from making a lasting impact, despite his honest effort and talent.

Direction, Music Tushar Jalota’s direction aims for a slice-of-life drama but struggles to align with the darker backdrop of the movie, resulting in a mismatched approach. Sachin Jigar’s music fails to make a lasting impression, offering a peppy album with few songs that stand out.  Dasvi lacks a clear sense of purpose, leading to inconsistency throughout the film. While it was intended to be a moving story, it unintentionally veers towards humour. The potential of the film remains untapped, leaving the audience with mixed feelings.

Rating: 5/10

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