Tadap Review

Tadap Review

We have a hero whose name sounds like a hashtag couples use while getting married, he’s named Ishana played by Ahan Shetty and he’s always in his ‘uncontrollable aashiq’ mode for a reason later revealed. In a flashback we are introduced to his love interest whose name also sounds like yet another ‘hashtag for couples’, enters Ramisa played by Tara Sutaria. Ishana’s daddy who’s also named as daddy (Saurabh Shukla) is Ramisa’s politician dad Damodar’s (Kumud Mishra) close associate. Ishana falls for Ramisa and vice versa but there’s a twist (not so twisty).

Ahan Shetty deserved a better debut than this & it’s not just him, every actor deserved a better film than this. Due to very little to explore, there’s no scope for Ahan to get into different shades for his character. Could he do better with a good script? Probably, as this doesn’t hint at anything super assuring of his talent. It’s three bad films at a stretch for Tara Sutaria meaning three times where she could have just declined the role, for not having a proper character sketch. Pritam goes back to the ’00s with the story and composes songs that sound as per the uncalled-for outdated theme of the film. It seems he & lyric-writer Irshad Kamil did a pact of filling this with some decayed songs from the bank after looking at the story building on-screen.

Tadap tries to mix & match various formulas already used for romantic dramas, failing to create any novelty factor for itself. I see no situation under which I would recommend a trip to the theatre for this one.

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