Sanak Review

Sanak Review

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A happy couple is struck by bad days when the wife is diagnosed with a rare heart problem. A surgery cures her but destiny has different plans. A terrorist attack in the hospital leads to her being taken hostage and the husband who is a former MMA trainer has to save his lady from the bad men. The action genre in Hindi cinema is still a niche. You can easily count the stars who have dedicated their craft to it on fingers. Vidyut Jammwal is definitely on the top of that list, and his fans forever wait for him to get into action.

Vidyut Jammwal has claimed his throne to be the biggest action star yet again. He punches at the speed of flash and kills people with bare hands. The magic is that he makes this all look so believable. There is a charm in his smirks too, that’s another thing fans definitely come for. Rukmini Maitra who makes her Bollywood debut is promising in the part she is given. Her chemistry with Vidyut is adorable and I wish the makers gave the audience a bit more of that. Chandan Roy Sanyal as the antagonist enters the screen with a bang, promising a lot. But as time passes, he resorts to the eccentric traits of a crazy villain, thus making his good performance a caricature. Neha Dhupia also suffers a similar fate. The actor enters the movie as a police officer with a strong personality. But when she decides to only stare at a CCTV screen and let a civilian carry out an operation to beat a terrorist group, you cannot suspend your disbelief to that extent.

Vidyut Jammwal is the biggest reason to watch Sanak, but cannot be the only attention-grabbing point of the movie. While the action is top-notch, the plot was equally developed too.

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