Mumbai Saga Movie Review

Mumbai Saga Movie Review

Amartya Rao (John Abraham) is a peace-loving person. But when his younger brother, Arjun is attacked by a goon of Gaitonde (Amole Gupte), he decides to take power into his hands. As he rises and takes over Gaitonde’s throne, Rao gets the support of a local politician, Bhau (Mahesh Manjrekar) and soon take over Mumbai.

But things get problematic for Amartya after he along with his gang kills an industrialist (Samir Soni), also a partner of Gaitonde. This is when his wife (Anjana Sukhani) places a reward of Rs 10 crores to kill Rao.

Vijay Savarkar (Emraan Hashmi) is the policeman who takes responsibility. Will he be able to kill Amartya? The rest of the story is all about that.
John Abraham is mostly decent as Amartya Rao but also overacts when angry. It’s time when he should really work on improving his acting skills. Though he is excellent in the action scenes especially in the first half. Just that side of his performance is worth the price of the ticket.

Emraan Hashmi as Vijay Savarkar is good but struggles because of an uninspiring character. Only if the character got more focus and was written with more conviction, it would’ve been very impactful. Though whatever he has been offered, he has done justice to it.

Kajal Aggarwal is just there as a wife of Amartya. Apart from looking cute in some scenes, she has hardly anything to do. She is an actress of calibre and I hope she gets better roles in Hindi films.

Mahesh Manjrekar has nailed the character of the politician. He is a remarkable actor and gets a role worth his potential. It was truly a delight to see him on the big screen.

Amole Gupte as Gaitonde gives another excellent performance. There are many scenes in which he makes the audience laugh with his act.

Prateik Babbar is alright. Rohit Roy & Shaad Randhawa are fine as well. Suniel Shetty and Gulshan Grover have small roles and they hardly create any impact. Anjana Sukhani and Samir Soni also come and go.

Rating: 6/10

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