14 Phere Review

14 Phere Review

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It’s a complicated love story of a couple involving the ‘corporate couple’ of Sanjay (Vikrant Massey) & Aditi (Kirti Kharbanda), who love each other but are too afraid to confess the same to their stereotypical ‘anti-love-marriage’ families. They don’t want to elope or leave each other, so once while doing theatre and Sanjay figures out a plan through which he can finally marry Aditi.

His plan involves hiring actors (played by Gauahar Khan & Jameel Khan) to pretend to be their ‘fake parents’ & meet their ‘real parents’ respectively. This leads to a ‘tragedy of errors’ as everyone figures out the truth by the end. How & what happened next is what the remaining story is all about.

Vikrant Massey is choosing such mediocre scripts, it doesn’t seem far away. He’s overqualified for something like this, and there’s not a single scene that could be used as an example to display his acting mettle. Kriti Kharbanda is super cute & that’s about it. She doesn’t get any scope to go out of her comfort zone. She’s a good actress & all she needs is a good director. You can’t just star Gauahar Khan and ask her to go old. She has a certain charismatic aura around here, which is ruined by the film due to a lazy character sketch. What dips down further is how a talented actor like Jameel Khan is wasted.

Not a single song works in the film. Given the nature of the movie, a good album was expected. The background score, too, had no impact on the narrative. The major problem lies when the script takes the actors for granted, relying way too much on the story. Couldn’t even recommend this for the performances.


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