The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Review

The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Review

Cast: Maheep Kapoor (Wife of Sanjay Kapoor), Neelam Kothari (80s Star and wife of Samir Soni), Bhavna Pandey (Wife of Chunky Pandey and Mom of Ananya Pandey), Seema Khan (Designer and Wife of Sohail Khan)

Director: Uttam Domale | Production: Dharmatic for Netflix (India)



You may love them, hate them but you cannot ignore them!  Being a part of the movie industry is not so easy as it may seem from the outside. There’s a constant radar on your life, kids, fallouts and as well as all the Bollywood’s big nepotism debate that has been going that keeps star kids and their parents at unease but it’s equally exciting to get a sneak peek into their high-profile lifestyle and relationships. In a never-seen-before way, it’s 4 Bollywood wives letting you see their best and the worst.  These are the tales not much talked about, but worth listening to even when you may feel their ‘struggles aren’t real struggles.’ It’s the closest you would get to if you want Maheep Kapoor’s binoculars to peep into Bollywood stars’ lives (pun intended)!

Designer Seema Khan and Bhavana Pandey are so real and upfront about who they are in this show. It is hard to believe that neither are actors by profession. Neelam Kothari was a delight, she would certainly receive many offers for projects after this. She might have gone on sabbatical years ago. Well, I certainly cannot wait for her to recreate the magic on screens all over again. Maheep Kapoor is that loud friend who always has an opinion and is totally fun!

The direction is relaxed and almost creates an environment to allow natural moments to happen but under guidance. The Music works wonders and is in total sync with the screenplay, however, the one thing I find odd about web series, even if it made in Hindi, features songs sung only in English, why?. The team behind the production has done a fabulous job and the camera team for choosing the most lavish locations and flaunting it well. The season finale features Shah Rukh & Gauri Khan, I liked how the entire cast came along and opened up about their friendships and reminisced their memories.

It may not be all ‘real-life’ or even true, but this 8 episode into the lives of Bollywood’s housewives was surely a fun binge!

Rating: 7/10


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