NETFLIX INDIA: Yeh Ballet Review

NETFLIX INDIA:  Yeh Ballet Review

Textured like the 2019 Award-sweeper Gully Boy, Set in the heart of Mumbai, Yeh Ballet tells the tale of a unique story that needs to be told. With a two hour run time, Yeh Ballet is adapted from a documentary that explores the lives of underprivileged aspirant ballet dancers who made it to the international ballet scene. Asif (Achintya) a Muslim boy who spends most of his time in B-boying with his friends and involved in small crimes and Nishu (Manish) a self-taught dancer has a small stint in a popular dance reality show that makes him crave for more. With fate, the two boys land in a dance institute. They meet their coach, Aaron Saul who is a temperamental man but sees potential in the two and makes sure they reach the peaks of success in Ballet.

Yeh Ballet not only addresses dreams, the dance form of ballet or the struggle to reach the top but also the class divide, caste issues, gender norms and the oppression that is present in society. The background score and music starts from a high beat hip hop track to ending on the tunes of ballet.

Watch this film for its superb story-telling and the wonderful journey from the slum to the international stages of ballet.

Rating: 8/10

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