Mismatched Review | Netflix India

Mismatched Review | Netflix India

It is always nostalgic for us to watch an old-school rom-com that has a feel good vibe. Mismatched is exactly that this year. There is budding love, friendship, infatuation, entangled dynamics and Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf’s old school chemistry. These are people in their late teens figuring out life while they try to mend it with the technology that has dominated them.

At 18, He’s searching for his happily ever after (Rohit Saraf) and She dreams of being a tech wizard (Prajakta Koli). Whose quintessential mom is busy finding a match for her at 17. Yes, 17!!! Over three months, this mismatched couple must build an amazing app while navigating an oddball bunch of friends, nasty bullies, a snooty professor, and each other at times.

Writers Gazal Dhaliwal, Sunayana Kumari and Harsh Vora are unapologetic are taking the same old route of romance and it works. There are a college, hostel and well teenagers with their struggles. There is a homely and sweet feeling in watching rom-coms that are predictable and Mismatched does give that in parts. The cast, Prajakta Koli, Rohit Saraf, Muskkaan Jaferi and Vidya Malvade are all impressive. It is a feel-good show with an easy-going pace that sits between Indian TV mass-content and the sophistication of a webseries show in terms of production.

Rating: 7/10

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