Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Review

Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Review

Indira Gupta aka Indoo (Kiara Advani) is infamous in Ghaziabad for her ‘Jawani’ She wants to marry her boyfriend Satish (Raghav Raj Kakker). However, Satish is not any different from anyone else. Like a typical commitment-phobic boyfriend, he is more interested in having sex with Indoo and less in marrying her.

Indoo’s best friend Sonal (Mallika Dua) is her go-to person when it comes to love and life-related advice. When she suggests she fulfil Satish’s demand and then have him in her control, she goes for it. However, Indoo is shocked to see him with another girl. Feeling revengeful, she tries to find a date for herself on a dating app ‘Dinder’ and fakes her name as ‘India’. This is where she finds Samar (Aditya Seal), a Pakistani tourist and things go haywire.

Abir Sengupta has written the story keeping in mind the audience of small cities. While it will be enjoyed by them, others who live in big cities may not like some jokes. Kiara Advani & Mallika Dua make a perfect combination. The former looks terrific onscreen and lights it up with her beauty, Mallika Dua provides comic relief. Although there’s nothing new about the comedy actor’s character in this film as she is still in the Tinder aunty zone, she manages to bring a smile on your face with some good jokes.

The screenplay could’ve been more entertaining though. Despite some funny moments, a lot of times it feels like there could’ve been more to it. Kiara Advani is getting better and she is such a treat to watch in Indoo Ki Jawani. While she looks breathtaking on the big screen, it’s her performance that will make the fans super happy. Mallika Dua is funny but is getting stereotyped. She should really explore more in comedy now. Indoo Ki Jawani also has many talented actors in the supporting cast but not everyone has been utilised to their potential.Raghav Raj Kakker (Inmates & Scam 1992 fame) & Shivam Kakar (Flames fame) are really amazing when it comes to comedy. However, there are very few scenes in Indoo Ki Jawani in which they shine. Rakesh Bedi, Chittaranjan Tripathy & Rajendra Sethi as Prem, Pran & Ranjit respectively have their own hilarious moments. Abir Sengupta has done a fine job as a director and has managed to make the film a pleasant watch. The music of the film is average and could’ve been much better.

Overall, Indoo Ki Jawani is very much watchable for the stunning Kiara Advani, amazing supporting cast and some fun moments. Though don’t watch it with high expectations!

Rating: 5/10

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