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Four More Shots Please – Season 2 | Amazon Prime



To recap, we lead on with the individual character’s timeline. While in the season finale, we saw Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) almost on the verge of losing her baby girl (Arya), Damini (Sayani Gupta) on the other hand lost the chance at the ‘love of her life’ Jeh (as he reconciles with an ex-girlfriend). On the other hand, Siddhi (Manvi Gagroo) loses her most precious friend (her father) while fighting her insecurities, but the real kick is in finding our whether Umang (Bani J) finally finds her soulmate in the diva, Samaira (Lisa Ray) or not.


To begin with, the makers this season have filled each aspect with abundance. From the number of leading men associated with each of the main characters, the highly charged up estrogen levels to the lavish locations (with the show being shot at Istanbul) and of course, the oozing romance – Four More Shots Please Season 2 seemed to be double the entertainment, as far as the trailer was concerned. I cannot help but first of all give a shout out to the tremendous background score. From Back Together by Saachi Rajadhyakhsa, to Your Body On My Body by Natania Lalwani – one thing that majorly helps the major sequences boost the viewers’ adrenaline rush is undoubtedly the BGM. In fact, that pretty much compensates for the weak screenplay, performances at places. While the first season has already dealt with topics like infidelity, self-doubt as well as the ugly truth of the corporate lives, this one will introduce you to all the ‘lust stories’ you might have wanted to witness, but from a woman’s perspective.


Sayani Gupta raises the bar with her portrayal as Damini, and manages to look as authentic as possible. We’ve seen her nailing it in Article 15 as well, but this further proves that she’s clearly here to stay. However, the breaking down scenes could have witnessed a better portrayal, that side lacked to feel the ’empathy’. Kirti Kulhari as Anjana goes bold, out and about. She’s bringing in the relatable sides that many of us mostly hide, and makes it totally relatable. However, there were times when you feel you don’t like her character, but that’s exactly when you should consider her job done. Manvi Gagroo brings in the light-hearted side. There’s a bubbly side to her that eases the entire situation. Even if things are being dragged sometimes, she could be your superhero, holding onto her fans’ squad. Cannot lie, that Siddhi for me was the least relatable, but the most loved character.  Prateik Babbar (Jeh), Miling Soman (Aamir Warsi), Lisa Ray (Samara) and Shibani Dandekar (Sushmita) delivered powerful performances. They may seem to be the players at the back, but mounted the screenplay on their shoulders multiple times and justified it well. Simone Singh too was at her usual best.

Season 2 of the show is a bliss to watch it travels well with emotion and well-paced storytelling. It is progressive and enjoyable. Looking forward to season 3.

Rating: 9/10



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