Pagalpanti Review

Pagalpanti Review

As every other slapstick comedy, this one is also set in London, & I hereby formally request the UK government to stop providing subsidies to our directors. We can’t handle more. Junky (just as the content of the film) played by Arshad Warsi and Chandu (Pulkit Samrat) are brothers who are trapped with the bad luck of their best friend Raj Kishore (John Abraham). They try their hands (and bodies. Yeah, that’s what a movie like this does to you) at multiple businesses but fail every single time.

Raj Kishore’s bad luck leads to the guys hampering a 7 crore car of Mafias Wifi (Anil Kapoor) & Raja Bhai (Saurabh Shukla). All three of them are forced to work for the crime-lords in the designation of food-tasters and bodyguards. Raj Kishore’s bad-luck rubs on the crime-fam too. This leads them to owe a huge loan from Niraj Modi (Inaamhulaq) & we all know who he is (we might know where he is though). All of this leads to more nonsensical, unfunny sequences that bring anything but laughter.

Apart from a couple of good jokes, there’s nothing to cherish about. Arshad Warsi survives the lousy writing because of his amusingly eccentric comic timing. That’s the same reason why other actors fail to impress because this needed more than just saying your dialogues. Anil Kapoor loves to be in this zone & that’s visible with the dedication he delivers the second-rate dialogues. He’s still better than the rest.

John Abraham’s uni-dimensional comic timing needs to stop. It’s good to jump between genres, but if you’re headed towards a destination you at least need to know the right way. Despite having a robust charmer in John, it’s Pulkit who wins the award for the best looking guy among all & that’s his only achievement for the film. We’ve seen his range in the Fukrey series, but here it’s just roaming around pretending to be funny.

Saurabh Shukla gets few good one-liners and that’s about it. Inaamhulaq playing Niraj Modi gets an entertaining angle to his character and he delivers what he’s asked. All three ladies have nothing substantial to add. Kriti Kharbabanda playing a dumb cry-baby and she manages to annoy, which was in a way required.





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