Luka Chuppi Review

Luka Chuppi Review

Mathura’s Vinod “Guddu” Shukla is a reporter of a news channel, and its name is as predictable as the basic plot of this film – Mathura Live. He comes from a very ordinary family, having an elder brother unmarried, a crazy uncle and a blackmailing nephew. Guddu meets Rashmi “She doesn’t have a pet name” Trivedi (Kriti Sanon), who wants to be a journalist and gets the job in the same news channel. Rashmi’s father (Vinay Pathak) is a politician who is against the live-in culture and blatantly oppose it publicly.

Guddu and Rashmi, coming from two very different families, fall in love with each other. Guddu, in a heated argument, challenges his elder brother that he will marry first and proposes Rashmi (WOW). Rashmi decides to live-in with Guddu in order to know him better. There start the difficulties and how they keep lying about their relationship status till the end, is what the rest of the story is all about.

Kartik Aaryan needs something really bad to redefine himself. He’s just one bad performance away from slipping into oblivion. Not because of his very few misses in the past but because the competition is so high, you just cannot be indistinguishable. He has the style and looks but needs a very strong director to bring out the actor from him. He follows the similar template of acting (the irksome accent being the exception) that he’s been doing since a long time now.

Kriti Sanon, after gifting us such a high in Bareilly Ki Barfi, just let us down with this one. There are no two thoughts about how she looks but her character is so annoyingly sketched, it starts bothering you after a period of time. Every character of the film gets equally worse treatment; none of them for a change, are good. When you’ve actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Vinay Pathak, Alka Amin in your supporting cast, and you decide to squander their talent – may the film be in good hands. Pankaj’s weird clothing style was designed to evoke some laughs, but it didn’t and was ridiculous at the same time.

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