Sui Dhaga Review

Sui Dhaga Review


Sui Dhaga Mauji (Varun Dhawan) works at a sewing machine shop and is treated very badly by the owner. His wife Mamta goes against this and suggests Mauji to do something of his own. On his way to achieve the lost self-respect, Mauji decides to put up a sewing machine on a road and starts a new journey of his life. Mauji and Mamta somehow manage to keep their dream intact. Facing many hardships, there comes many struggles as Mauji and Mamta accept a job in a factory. Their work gets labelled by big fish in the market which brings them back to square one. Rest of the story narrates the ‘extraordinary’ fight of this ‘ordinary’ couple.

Varun Dhawan is amazing as Mauji! With each of his film he’s moulding himself into an actor who can do anything. October was not long ago when he wowed us. His ingenious presence, at most of the places, cover up the major flaws making your time worthy. Anushka Sharma emotes from her eyes, she does not speak much but is present in most frames.

Sharat Katariya levels up as a director but steps down when it comes to script – the story could have been better written, however, with that being said – the performances, the settings, the simplicity and music are endearing, its a movie made from the heart.

Sui Dhaaga – Made In India is a simple story with a big heart, it takes you into the lives of people from small town India, it has a beautiful innocence. Mauji and Mamta are endearing. Varun Dhawan stitches his performance with your hearts and it’ll be hard to undo it for a long time now while Anushka Sharma shows us the the courage and bravery of a woman who is the wing beneath the wings of an ordinary man, made extraordinary.

Rating: 9/10