Satyameva Jayate Review

Satyameva Jayate Review

Vir (John Abraham) is a vigilante, with a heartbreaking back story, who burns alive the corrupt policemen. Shivansh (Manoj Bajpayee) is a fearless, brave and honest policeman who faces and tries to stop Vir from his killing spree. Vir follows a pattern in order to choose the to kill the corrupt police officers & Shivansh tracks down that pattern.

Shivansh makes the mission of his life to find Vir & arrest him and for that he sets out various plans. On the other hand, Vir always manages to stay a step further in this race of a cat & mouse. They both come with a backstory & both have reasons to do what they’re doing. Will Shivansh be able to catch Vir or will Vir achieve for what he’s blood-hunting, that’s what the major plot of the story is about.

John Abraham is A MONSTROUS performer! Post underplaying his physique in Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran, John leaves no stone unturned in displaying his gigantic body throughout the film. From the first frame he’s just out there lifting people, throwing them around, burning them & what not. He gets to do what he craves for and it’s a delight to see him in his elements.

Manoj Bajpayee does what he do the best – act! At some minor places he tries to be someone he isn’t but in the end that’s what acting is all about. Not any major complaint, an entertaining performance in the end. Aisha Sharma is there for very less time but is just about okay for whatever time she’s there. It’ll not be fair to judge her in a small role, let her do something more meaty to analyse her skills. Ganesh Yadav as Damle & Rajesh Khera as Bhonsle leave the maximum impact as baddies.


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