Raazi Review

Raazi Review



Set in 1971, Raazi is the story of Sehmat (Alia Bhatt) a simple as any other college going girl whose father Hidayat (Rajit Kapur) is a core member of the intelligence bureau of India. The relations between India and Pakistan was volatile at the time and a war was on the cards. Hidayat, who is under the disguise of a friend to the military officials of Pakistan decides to get his daughter married to Brigadier Syed’s (Shishir Sharma) son Iqbal Syed (Vicky Kaushal). Sehmat sacrifices her everything to move to Pakistan and spy for the intelligence bureau. Sehmat risks her life to attain the confidential information in order to give India an upper edge in the upcoming war.

Meghna Gulzar is a brilliant filmmaker. She strikes a balance between realism and thrill. The screenplay is so good that the film will transport you back in 197. Her knack for sketching her characters is very impressive. She assures you that no one in the narrative is unnoticed.

Alia Bhatt, the finest actress of the current generation. To portray the fear of getting killed all the time without overdoing it is what she has achieved. Her emotions are real and never melodramatic. While Highway & Udta Punjab established her prowess, Raazi takes her to a different level. Vicky Kaushal as Iqbal Syed speaks volumes, such a praiseworthy performance. He is simply a superstar in the making. He emits an abundance of talent in every moment. Rajit Kapur moves as an aging father in his brief role. Shishir Sharma, Soni Razdan are all really good!

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music lends credibility to the 70’s backdrop. The songs evoke patriotism without tipping over into nationalism, primarily enhanced by Gulzar’s lyrics. Dilbaro is the best song and portrayal in the film.

Raazi is a magnificent tribute to the unsung heroes of India, it explores a brave story which was untold for years, Alia Bhatt has delivered an outstanding performance. Alia Bhatt’s stellar performance keeps you invested in ‘Raazi’. Her transition from the gullible girl to a determined woman makes this is one of her finest performances.

Rating: 9/10

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