Namaste England

Namaste England

So, Namaste England has a story! Though however crappy it is but it has a story. Param (Arjun Kapoor) stalks Jasmeet (Parineeti Chopra) but just on festivals. It starts with Diwali, goes on to Holi then Baisakhi & in the end he gets a genius idea of getting close to her. “Let’s get someone married! The guy should be from our group and the girl from Jasmeet’s,” because as per Param a wedding is the perfect occasion to win your love (claps in slow motion). The wedding arrives and they both get close in a single meeting (not because they both were star-crossed lovers but because the script demanded so). Jasmeet is an ambitious girl who roots for feminism in every single scene until she gets married to Param.

After the marriage, we’re taken ahead a year and we see Jasmeet & Param dreaming about England (WHERE THE F VANISHED YOUR AMBITIONS Jasmeet!) Year later, we see how Param is still struggling to get his Visa approved for England. Struggling because at his wedding he beat up his friend who’s a hot-shot and in revenge that ‘hamare-chacha-vidhayak-hai’ type guy claims that Param will never get any Visa in his life. Jasmeet says she will go on a work Visa and Param follow her illegally via Baghdad and Brussels. How he convinces her to come back to India is what the rest of the story is about.

Arjun Kapoor hams like there’s no tomorrow! From the scene one, it was visible how Vipul wanted to make this with Akshay but because of such lousy script he managed to get Arjun onboard. Apart from dressing well in some scenes, there’s no major contribution from Arjun or for that matter anyone else in the film. Parineeti Chopra annoys the life out of you. I, for a fact, agree to how beautiful she’s as an actress and hence this film breaks my heart even further. Be in emotional scenes or comical, she has got some of the worst lines ever written for a Hindi film.

Rating: 4/10

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