Helicopter Eela Review

Helicopter Eela Review

Eela (Kajol), a mother who’s obsessed with anything his son Vivan (Riddhi Sen) is connected to. In the start we see Eela getting admission in the same college as Vivan’s. Out of nowhere, we are taken to the flashback sequence to see how she was a dreamer. An aspiring singer, Eela of the 90s is ready to sing anything even if they’re jingles for television. While riding on a bike with Arun, his boyfriend, she gets down at the vintage Rhythm House and calls it as her ‘Zindagi’.

In the entire flashback sequence, there are way too many unnecessary cameos of Anu Malik, Mahesh Bhatt, Ila Arun, Baba Sehgal, and Alisha Chinai. We see how Eela over a very illogical reason loses her husband and raise Vivan as a single mother. Cut to thecurrent scene, we see Eela and Vivan having some issues in the college and how the problems bring them together is what the story is all about. From Eela’s ‘dreams do come true’ attitude to being a Helicopter parent and annoying the life out of his son, the script is scattered badly. Touching many different chords, makers compose a not-so-soothing melody.

All said and done, Helicopter Eela is one boring film with good performances by Kajol and Riddhi Sen. Too much of forced melodrama and annoying character graph of Kajol eats up the fun from the film. It’s a golden opportunity lost!


Rating: 5/10



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