5 reasons to love Sanam | Favourite 5 tracks

5 reasons to love Sanam | Favourite 5 tracks

Sanam has been the talk of many towns since 2013, we have been followed their journey since 2013 and listened to every song uploaded since. Here are 5 things to love about Sanam!

  1. Sanam made this generation fall in love with Bollywood’s classics via soulful renditions of Bollywood’s biggest hits from yesteryear cinema.
  2. They made singing cover songs trendy! – they basically began the era of Bollywood cover artistry, yet their style still remains original.
  3.  The soul added to every song makes listening to their music an absolute pleasure and memorable experience.
  4. With 3,6 Million subscribers – they are India’s biggest online band and we believe it’s due to their hard work, charisma, spirit, style & choice of great music that makes Sanam a winning formula.
  5. SANAM have supported many social issues and campaigns against child sexual abuse, infanticide, domestic violence to name a few.

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