Blackmail Movie Review

Blackmail Movie Review

Along with Irrfan Khan’s flawless performance every other actor has delivered magic with their presence in Blackmail.



The story of Blackmail revolves around the life of three people Dev (Irrfan Khan) – an honest husband, Reena (Kriti Kulhari) – the cheating wife and Ranjit (Arunoday Singh) – lover of the cheating wife. It all starts when Dev gets to know his wife is cheating on him with someone else. He goes through three options mentally – killing the wife, killing the lover or blackmailing the lover.

Dev goes with the third option that results in rising of numerous unexpected situations. Rest of the story is divided into 4 blackmails taking place in the film. Who blackmails who, blackmailer becomes blackmailee and many more things get uncovered in the second half.

If you’ve someone like Irrfan Khan to the credit list, you don’t really require many actors to balance the acting department. But here’s where Blackmail wins, along with Irrfan Khan’s flawless performance every other actor has delivered magic with their presence. Straight-faced yet mastermind Irrfan Khan is a live-wire here. His character is so simply written you can’t help but adore him throughout. Kriti Kulhari, though not has much do as compared to her previous films, boy she is looking beautiful and badass at the same time. Arunoday Singh plays a major role in making this film entertaining. He was stereotyped as this brand ambassador of a protein shake company but with this one, he proves he has much more in store for us.

Divya Dutta is perfect in the role of a dominating, foul-mouthed wife. The amount of dedication she has put to get into the skin of her character is clearly visible on screen. Pradhuman Singh Mall, Noora from Tere Bin Laden,  plays the role of Irrfan’s friend Anand Tripathi. With every of his films, he proves how Bollywood is failing to utilize this gem of an actor. Omi Vaidya as Boss DK, Gajraj Rao as Chawla and Anuja Sathe as Prabha complete the list of memorable performances gifted to us by this film.

Blackmail is dark, it’s entertaining and never for a second it has a dull moment.

Rating: 9/10

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