Tumhari Sulu Review

Tumhari Sulu Review

She comes second in the lemon spoon race but when the other contenders are gone, she stands on the first position of the winners’ podium and asks his husband to click her photo – yeh hai Hamari Sulu aka Sulochna (Vidya Balan). She dreams big as every other being but she’s trapped in the responsibilities that are gifted with the tag of being a woman. Supporting the crazy chaos created by Sulu, Ashok (Manav Kaul) tries his best to always be there for her.

Sulu mimics Hema Malini, Sridevi, sings Batata Vada by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam with her husband and talks to a pigeon warning him not to shit on her clothes – Yes! She’s someone who knows how to live life. Lands the job of a Radio Jockey inviting unwanted chaos and mess in her life. But! She loves & enjoys being an RJ too. Being Sulu, she alters the mishmash of her life! Watch for how she juggles everything like a magician.

When you’ve director and writer as the same person, it kinds of becoming convenient to fulfil your vision on screen. Suresh Triveni has aced both the roles with brilliance. We all have seen heroes stripping off their shirt swirling it in the air to impress the heroine, but how many times you’ve seen coins sliding from the pockets of that shirt? So relatable yet how only Triveni managed this to execute in his film. 

Vidya Balan! She brings in a performance which makes us realise how badly we have missed her. She not just gets under the skin of Sulu, she is the skin of Sulu. Her chuckling smile, ‘sexy’ voice and shiny eyes mould up for the performance of a lifetime. She takes the emotional scenes to another level which could’ve gone wasted if not for her.

Manav Kaul plays the role of a supportive husband very well. There was needed a performance like Manav competing the mammoth one by Vidya Balan. Neha Dhupia fits in perfectly as a head of the radio station and Malishka Mendonsa is as beautiful as her voice. Vijay Maurya leaves a memorable mark with his hilarious performance as a creative (literally!) producer.

Tumhari Sulu is one of those films which makes you smile while you leave the cinema hall. If not a masterpiece, Tumhari Sulu is a monumental piece by the master Vidya Balan. Watch it and fall in love with Vidya all over again.

Rating: 9/10