Secret Superstar Review

Secret Superstar Review

The Dangal girl Zaira Wasim she blows your mind in Secret Superstar.

Every frame, every second of this movie is a heart-stealer, Aamir Khan in his surged-Rangeela mode, Zaira Wasim & Meher Vij giving us one the best mother-daughter performances ever. Like any other city in India, the story of Secret Superstar is set in Baroda. Not focusing on the place because more than the place, the people living there are the core part of this living-the-dream story.

Insia (Zaira Wasim) – she is from those rare ones who get mature at the tender age (For some not so mention worthy reasons). Her Pyaari Ammi Najma (Meher Vij) who’s ditto is like a mother of any one of us. A not so cool furious father who is against the dreams of her daughter Insia of wanting to become a singer.  Enters the scene, Shakti Kumarr (Aamir Khan) – a once upon a time successful singer who is failing now. He’s a Casanova, he’s cool and he’s a darling. The story is complex covered under the disguised simplicity. What is Shakti Kumarr exactly doing in Insia’s life, what happens to Insia’s ambitions of becoming a singer and much more. Secret Superstar is a secret package of every emotion packed & delivered with a smile.

Zaira Wasim blows your mind in Secret Superstar. Zaira is a gem gifted to Bollywood and a superstar in making. Aamir Khan, the god of sm(all) things will make you laugh your guts out. He’s more than being the comic relief of the film. He connects us with Insa’s story portraying the role of a man whose dreams were killed incomplete. Meher Vij, the mother – she’s an integral part of the story and Meher holds every nerve of her character to deliver an astounding performance. Her prettiness is ten folded with her honest performance. Raj Arjun – his single chilling stare is enough to creep you out. He plays father you never wish to have and it’s hard to conceive such a character with ease.

Secret Superstar is a well made, well written, powerful story that makes you want to fulfil all your dreams and this is a beautiful message this Diwali. Be unstoppable and achieve your full potential. Go out and watch this powerhouse entertainer.

Rating: 8/10



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