Ittefaq Review

Ittefaq Review


Ittefaq is about two murders, one suicide, two versions of one story and a cop who tries to read whatever it is being offered to him. It starts with a chase sequence and ends with one but between these two, a lot of unpredictable things occur.

Abhay Chopra, grandson of BR Chopra has wonderfully adapted the 1969 version of Rajesh Khanna’s film with the same name. In this version, Sidharth Malhotra loves to speak with his eyes and he gets enough chances to roar in this one. Sidharth & Sonakshi Sinha properly convinces everyone why their story is the truth and Abhay Chopra makes you believe why both can be a lie. Sonakshi Sinha perfectly fits her character as she aces in expressing her emotions. She’s believable in charming her way out. Delivers the director’s vision with excellence.  Akshaye Khanna. Though the movie is unpredictable everyone predicted this guy is going to nail his role and he has delivered the same. His cop moments are on point and adds in many laughs through his every lasting delight. 

Though the film is filled with astounding performances, it’ll always be remembered for Abhay Chopra. This man has added a gem to the list of best thrillers of Bollywood. By the interval, you’ll feel you know what’s going on, but sit back and see yourself getting proved wrong.

We going with an 8/10 rating for this thriller! 


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