Gurmeet Choudhary charms Durban!

Gurmeet Choudhary charms Durban!

Bollywood and Indian TV fans from Durban had the great opportunity to attend a Cocktail dinner and dance party hosted by BU MEDIA featuring the charming Gurmeet Choudhary. It was a unique experience for guests to meet, greet and interact so closely with a Bollywood celebrity.

The evening featured a host of local entertainment with dance performances by Rudra Dance Theatre, Sherese Persad Productions and Shrenash Dance Company and with Suveshin Munian Dance Productions.

The Rocking Doctor, Lyle Chellan and Shrish Viyas Hargoon created great ambience singing a mix of classics, Bollywood and original compositions. The event was compered by Leshav Dilraj and Kavish Kissoonlal with keyboardist Kamithab Hardeo.

In an interview with Gurmeet Choudhary, he describes South African fans as his ‘extended family’ and he surely does treats his fans like family, he chatted to everyone, took selfies and partied with them. Gurmeet Choudhary is humble, down to earth and truly captivating. We wish Gurmeet Choudhary every bit of success in the world of cinema and television. We look forward to his next visit to our hometown.


Our interview with Gurmeet Choudhary is coming soon!

Photography: Keshlan Nadasen – Lens 3

Coverage: Tempest Media

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