Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair 2016: A soulful showcase of love & emotion

Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair 2016: A soulful showcase of love & emotion

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Reflections of Love is the fashion & dance showcase presented at the 17th Annual Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair that took place at the Durban Exhibition Centre from 5 to 7  August. The showcase was produced by Epic Entertainment with Visual Design and Scripting by Shevaal Singh. The fashion & dance showcase was choreographed by Durban-based Dancer – Performer Pavishen Paideya.

The show featured a vibrant group of dancers who performed from their souls, each bringing their own flare to the showcase. The dance sequences were choreographed to perfection with a breathtaking opening act by Lerisha Munsamy that led into a majestic performance to Albela Sajan featuring Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dance forms. Other dance forms like Kathak, Ballet, Flamenco, Ballroom and a vibrant Garba performance added emotion and colour to the showcase. The unforgettable contemporary piece featuring Priyen Naidoo and Ridhi Singh won the hearts of all who attended the fashion show. The showcase ended on a foot-tapping note to the much loved Lavani dance peice to Pinga led by Ruhi Maharaj and Divaksha Jinabhai – flowing into a brazen performance to  the riveting Malhari led by choreographer Pavishen Paideya. The show ended with a stylish hip-hop piece to the track Let’s Nacho.

The fashion show featured breathtaking couture by both local and international brands, collections and fashion houses. The fashion show featured Paaneri Mumbai, Mora Ammo, Raas, Roopkala, Mr Executive, Suvidha, Nisaa, The Raj Collection, Nergisse and Veera, Saathiya, Preety’s Design Hut, Bollywood Jewels, SK Boutique & Bawree.  Bollywood singer Shruti Rane added to the entertainment with her beautiful love ballads and performance to some of Indian Music’s most iconic tracks.

The showcase was certainly most aesthetically mesmerising with visuals, decor elements and a collection of Indian cinema’s most soulful ballads with lyrics that perfectly fused with the various emotions showcased along with voice overs that united the concept presented as ‘Reflections of Love’

Written by: Shevaal Singh | Photography: Keshlan Nadasen (Lens 3)


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