Mika Singh Live: An extravagant night of electrifying entertainment

Mika Singh Live:  An extravagant night of electrifying entertainment

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The Durban ICC played host to an extravagant night of electrifying entertainment. BU Media & AA Events together with Cineyug went the extra mile to produce a seamless night of entertainment. The Mika Singh Tour was certainly one of the most enjoyable musical experiences to come to Durban. With a world-class performance from King Mika Singh, his brilliant musicians and superbly talented singers, Geeta Jhala, Sahil Solanki, and Raman Kapoor with Tarika Bhatia – Durban was captivated!

Mika Singh is an absolute entertainer. He wholeheartedly and ardently entertains his fans with a fun-filled line up of sensational music. He is a true star with superb stage presence. Mika Singh performed an amazing variety of music from his boundless range of music and Bollywood classics. He is a versatile singer with an incredible voice and wonderful dance moves. Durban undoubtedly loves Mika Singh.

The musicians are skilful; they flawlessly work together and produce great music. Tarika Bhatia and Geeta Jhala have magnetic voices with great stage presence. Sahil Solanki and Raman Kapoor were outstanding.All four singers are extremely talented and soulful. We look forward to hearing more music from these talented individuals.

Our local performers are entertaining. Shayna Smith rendered a charming performance which kicked off the evening. Suveshin Munian and his dancers were entertaining during their dance segment featuring a superb mix of music. Shrenash Dance Productions danced to recent hit songs High Heels, Dil Cheez with a hint of Lady Gaga charm! Rohan Ramkissoon and his dancers of Entertainment Spectacular were dazzling during their magnetic dance piece.

Durban’s favourite RJ & Media personality Varshan Sookhun was the perfect show compere. He is undoubtedly, the best in his field. Base Mechanics together with Cineyug fashioned a trendy set for this showcase that engrossed audiences. All that is left to say is hats off to AA Events and BU Media, headed by Mr Hermith Hardeo for creating the most exciting musical events of the year.

Written & Compiled by Shevaal Singh  | Event Coverage: Tempest Media | Photography: Lens 3

© Shevaal Singh | April 2016

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