Kya Kool Hai Hum 3:  An unnecessary and mindless movie with no value

Kya Kool Hai Hum 3:  An unnecessary and mindless movie with no value

The thought of writing this review was brain numbing enough but here goes, actually you should forget this film exists. After two mindless movies with no real comedy, why did they have to create a third movie in this franchise? I pray that there is no more movies part of this franchise. It is really sad and clichéd. Even the adult humour is cheap and unpleasant.

The so called plot is all about Kanhaiya (Tusshar Kapoor) and Rocky (Aftab Shivdasani) being jobless and thrown out of home, only to land up in Bangkok and going on to become porn actors in their friend Mickey’s (Krishna Abhishek) production house. When Kanhaiya falls in love with Shaalu (Mandana Karimi) and she announces that her father (Darshan Jariwala) would want to visit him and his family, all hell breaks loose.

In a porn-com / sex-com you do expect salacious moments and double meaning dialogues in plenty, but they should make you laugh right? Here unfortunately the film offers nothing worthy enough of even a smile, forget laughing. The dialogues are super corny irritating and the actors make the proceedings even sadder.

Tusshar Kapoor seems to have become the face of sex comedies. But unfortunately he is not a treat to watch no matter what he does. His overdramatic act is beyond intolerable in this film. Aftab Shivdasani makes a comeback for no reason. His acting in the film looks so amateurish that one may have thought it is his first film.  Other than giving the perfect ‘desperado’ expressions, he doesn’t do much.

Coming to the ladies, Mandana Karimi, Gisele Thakral, Claudia Ciesla and Meghna Naidu, they all do only one thing – expose their bodies and instead of dialogues they gasp and moan – Yes that is exactly what the woman in this film are made to do and Bigg Boss fame, Mandana Karimi looks great but we don’t really get to know if she can act. If watching Tusshar Kapoor in drag and seeing Shakti Kapoor and Darshan Jariwala leech over him is the idea of fun, then there is nothing more to say.

The music is below average and somewhat sleazy – there is song called soft toy! Really is this really needed? The franchise has hit a new low with this film. This movie is so bad that it should not have been produced. The story is weak and performances are not worth noting. It is best avoided. Save yourself from mindless torture. This is a sex comedy that is typically Bollywood – it objectifies women, has no plot as such and has Tusshar Kapoor in the lead – WHY!!!

1/10 | 0.5 Star

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