Force 2 Review

Force 2 Review


The Rock On 2 sequel once again brings back the daredevil officer, ACP Yashvardhan (John Abraham) but this time he has a bigger job to do than just the Mumbai police work.After a series of killings of RAW agents become rampant in China, an investigation team is set up to nab the traitor who has been exposing the undercover agents. After losing his best friend in a similar killing, Yash comes across a clue sent by his friend that leads to the criminal. RAW sends Yash and KK (Sonakshi Sinha) on the mission to capture the traitor and protect their agents. They soon find a lead to Shiv Sharma (Tahir Raj Bhasin) and are confirmed that he is their target. A cat and mouse chase further begins between the agents and Sharma.

What works for Force 2 the most is the fact that the script is quite on the face. They don’t beat around the bush much in the lieu to make it interesting, it takes off to a gripping start. With a perfect Bollywood hero entry for John Abraham’s character, the film early on, promises that it will balance out on the commercial quotient.

Director Abhinay Deo deals cleverly with a film like Force 2. At first, he makes a good use of nostalgia as he connects the prequel, further he takes the story international and makes it the eye candy that was missing in the first one. Later, he builds up a great pace and keeps the run time tight, so as to not bore the audience out unlike Shivaay. Combining all these, Deo makes sure that in spite of all its cliches and loopholes, the film is watchable.
The chase sequences are shot brilliantly, particularly the ones in the first half. There is a heavy influence of international films such as Bourne Identity in terms of the action.  Force 2 is a Bollywood action entertainer. Don’t go with high hopes and you’ll surprise yourself. My rating is a 6/10.

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