ABCD 2:  A dance film bursting with soul, entertainment & spellbinding choreography!

ABCD 2:  A dance film bursting with soul, entertainment & spellbinding choreography!

ABCD 2 is a complete entertainer filled with delightful dance performances. The prequel ABCD won the hearts of Dance enthusiasts worldwide. ABCD 2 surpasses expectations it is unquestionably, India’s best dance film to date.  Every dancer in this dance crew is flawless and Remo D’Souza has crafted another hit! ABCD 2 has drama, emotion, patriotism, love and most important of all it is bursting with Dance!

The plot of ABCD 2: Suresh (Varun Dhawan) and Vinnie (Shraddha Kapoor) are a part of the dance crew Mumbai Stunners who are contestants of a dance show named Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi. In one of the qualifying rounds in the show, the crew is banned from the show for performing a routine that is copied from a Philippines dance crew. Soon they are quoted as ‘cheaters’ and everyone from Mumbai Stunners bears the brunt of this mistake in their personal lives as the people they are concerned to often tag them as ‘cheats’.

Mortified by the insults that he hears from people and guilt of cheating his mother’s teachings, Suresh finds a new goal and wants to wash off his image by participating in the World Hip Hop competition in Las Vegas. Vinnie is in love with Suresh, therefore she joins him on his Vegas dream and together they succeed in persuading the other dancers.  Suresh meets Vishnu (Prabhu Deva), an alcoholic, who is an excellent dancer. Convinced that only he is fit to be their choreographer, Suresh and his team take a long time to persuade Vishnu to help them and ultimately succeed.

Vishnu stands by them and remarkably trains this dance crew named as India Stunners. While the team gets selected to go to Vegas, there is something fishy about Vishnu’s behaviour and some hidden motives are yet to be exposed. The rest of the story reveals what lies ahead is the crew’s voyage in Vegas and Vishnu’s untold secret. What is Vishnu hiding and will India Stunners win the dance show.

The star quality of Varun Dhawan is captivating and without a doubt he is here to stay. With every film he is growing vastly more talented and ABCD 2 is yet another memorable film.  He plays Suresh’s character with power and is brilliant dancer to watch. He is flawless to watch as he dances. His solo act in Chunar is completely magnetic. After legendary dancers such as Govinda, Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor – Varun Dhawan is the next iconic dancer of Hindi Cinema.

Shraddha Kapoor is simply electrifying! She is simply lovable in ABCD 2. She adds charisma and beauty to the film . She is here to stay. She is one of the best actresses in Hindi cinema- her onscreen presence is phenomenal. She surprises us with her dance. She fits Vinnie’s role well and her chemistry with Varun looks naturally attractive.

Prabhu Deva is at his dancing best. One cannot hold back and has to whistle at the ‘Happy Hour’ dance. Apart from the dancing, his act as Vishnu is good. Dharmesh Yelande is spectacular, Lauren Gottlieb is charming, Raghav Juyal is mindblowing, Puneet Pathak shine s in his supporting role. The DID heroes are brilliant- they are the soul of ABCD.  Pooja Batra and Tisca Chopra make their glamorous cameos in the film.

This is purely a dance film- it is completely based on dance which shows that Remo D’Souza has developed as a director who is skilled and creates magic onscreen. His choreography is bewildering hence the film is a delight for all the performances will keep you amazed. I mostly loved the visualisation of Sun Saathiya.  The best part is that Remo takes very little inspiration from Hollywood’s Step-Up therefore there is no reason to compare the two.  The first half of the film is superb and Remo also holds the second half well and the final performance leaves you enchanted.  The cinematography is remarkable as we zephyr through Vegas and the breath-taking Grand Canyon.

Music by Sachin-Jigar is amazing! It is one of the best parts of this film. It works wonders with the breath-taking choreography. Sun Saathiya is memorable & Chunar by Arijit Singh stand out from this album. Hey Ganaraya clasps your soul with its power and intensity. Divya Kumar is amazing!  Their background score also fills the minor dull moments in the film.

ABCD 2 has truly surpassed our expectations! Hats off to Remo D’Souza and his creative team of DID and the talented Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. ABCD 2 is a fun watch for those who love dance and great entertainment for those who enjoy great choreography or simply fans of DID. ABCD is a film created with soul it is truly a delight to watch. I am going with 8/10. Enjoy the spectacular songs of ABCD 2 below and read our Music review of ABCD 2.

In order for ABCD 2 to succeed its music had to be nothing short of extraordinary. Sachin-Jigar has definitely brought together great artists and has composed a soulful album consisting of 10 unique and beautiful tracks. Let’s take a closer look at this album.

Chunar is a beautiful composition that is emotionally spell-binding. Expressing a mother’s absence and the sense of belonging that the son is missing has been captured brilliantly in this track. Sachin-Jigar aces this composition as they chose Arijit Singh for the vocals truly converse the pain and the Indian musical arrangements work their magic along with the emotionally rich lyrics. The song finds an instant bond with the listener.

Sun Saathiya is a romantic number that you just can’t get enough of. Priya Saraiya sings it with her sugary like voice and the song gets another level of energy with Divya Kumar’s vocals. The piano pieces in the song are extremely endearing. Bezuban Phir Se is more powerful with vocals by Vishal Dadlani.
Happy B’Day is the most peppy and fun numbers from the album. It is fresh and the beats truly make you get up and dance to it. The use of ‘Aww’ in the song is so catchy that you cannot miss listening to this number. This is one of the most entertaining tracks from the album and I would have to say one of the most fun Birthday songs too. If You Hold My Hand is a pop song that puts you in a feel good mood.
Hey Ganaraya is the spiritual track from the album that enthuses a lot of energy with its religious aura. The musical arrangements vary in the song and the use of percussion is at its best. Typical for a devotional number, the instruments such as the conch are made use of. Divya Kumar’s vocals are powerful and match with the tempo of the song as it heightens.

This is one of the most chilled out songs from the album. Mika Singh excels in singing songs that have a part effect on you. Happy Hour is truly a song that you could listen to in Happy Hours at pubs. The song also has musical portions which will make you dance. Naach Meri Jaan is another peppy track from the album which is entertaining enough. The song’s beats are catchy and with mixed vocals from Benny Dayal, Shalmali Kholgade, Siddharth Basrur and Rimi Nique it retains its freshness.
Tattoo is another foot-tapping number from the album that is quite experimental compared to the other tracks composed by Sachin-Jigar. It is a rocking number for the young and the restless to dance away. Vande Mataram!
The National song of India ‘Vande Mataram‘ gets revamped in this album. Various artists come together for this song such as Daler Mehendi, Divya Kumar, Badshah and Tanishka Sanghvi. The song has a lot of variations and even repeats the first song ‘Chunar‘ in the middle portions.

Along with the soundtracks of Roy, Ek Paheli Leela – the soundtrack of ABCD 2 goes down as one of the best soundtracks of 2015 thus far. I give this album a 9/10.


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