Singham Returns : He’s back with a roar for justice!

Singham Returns : He’s back with a roar for justice!

Rohit Shetty’s SINGHAM is a film which brings back the nostalgia of Masala movies . A film that faithfully followed the rules of entertainment in Indian Cinema. A remake, the first part brought back memories of the classics that were attempted by our peers. SINGHAM emerged a solid hit for varied reasons: high-voltage drama, raw action, dialogues during the confrontations and of course, power-packed performances by Ajay Devgn and PrakashRaj. SINGHAM RETURNS brings the unbeatable combo of Ajay and Rohit Shetty together, are colossal. SINGHAM RETURNS is dissimilar when you draw parallels with the first part. There’s no connection between the two films, except, of course, Bajirao Singham. In SINGHAM, Singham took on the powerful politician (Prakash Raj), while the second instalment throws light on the upright cop’s crusade against corrupt politicians, including an influential Swamiji (Amole Gupte).


SINGHAM RETURNS reflects the times we are living in. Scams, frauds, corruption, misuse of power by the high and mighty… much like the entertainers of yore, SINGHAM RETURNS provides a voice to the common man and you root for the diligent cop as he wages a war against the crooks. Sure, it’s a familiar terrain for moviegoers, since we have experienced such face offs in countless films, but what matters ultimately is how persuasive, ambitious and imaginative it appears, despite the conventional constraints. Both, Ajay and Rohit dive into the film with sincerity and faith, enjoying every moment and deliver a knock out entertainer.


The brave Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) now returns to Mumbai. The story takes off when an officer from Singham’s squad (Ganesh Yadav) is found dead, holding an enormous sum of money and charged with being corrupt. Singham begins his quest to trace the mystery behind it. Known for escapist entertainers like the GOLMAAL series, All the Best, Bol Bachchan and Chennai Express, Rohit does an about turn with the SINGHAM franchise. Much like the first part of SINGHAM, the romantic scenes just don’t cut ice and appear to be forced in the narrative. The film could’ve done without songs actually. Moreover, the soundtrack, which, notwithstanding a couple of reputed names associated with it, doesn’t linger in your memory, including Yo Yo Honey Singh’s ‘Aata Majhi Satakli’. Sajid-Farhad adorns the structures dialogue that is sure to be an instant hit with audiences, especially during the high-voltage dramatic sequences. Dudley’s cinematography is top notch, while the action sequences are raw and gritty.


Devgn’s body of work includes numerous unforgettable characters and films; the character of Bajirao Singham does best justice to his personality, acting skills and star charisma. You’ve to give it to Kareena for being able to hold her own efficiently, despite Ajay being the showstopper. She’s lively and though she goes over the top occasionally, the masses will like her loud character. SINGHAM RETURNS is a far-reaching entertainer with power-packed drama, hi-intensity dialogue and towering performances as its aces. If you enjoy the Rohit Shetty brand of cinema this is one for you. Its an 8/10 from us.



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