Madhuri Dixit: I wish the makers of Dedh Ishqiya had asked me to sing a song!

Madhuri Dixit: I wish the makers of Dedh Ishqiya had asked me to sing a song!

The Bollywood Tempest features an interview with Madhuri Dixit-Nene for BollywoodLife  with 

Madhuri Dixit is all set to return to the silver screen after seven years in a never-seen-before avatar in the soon-to-release Dedh Ishqiya, a thriller-drama base in the hinterland. We caught up with the gorgeous lady and here is what she had to say…

You will be seen in two women-centric films – Dedh Ishqiya and Gulaab Gang – next year. How much is at stake with these films?

A lot! Because I am returning to the silver screen after seven years. I have tried my best in both films. The characters I am playing are very strong. So how these films do is really important now.

Do you think cinema has changed a lot?

Yes it has and I love the way our cinema has come a very long way. Women are portrayed very differently and beautifully today. They are not portrayed just as eye candy, not just as avengers and not just as victims. They are portrayed as persons now and that’s really good. I feel this is a good time for women as far as cinema is concerned.

Ishqiya was quite a bold film and it was very raw in its depiction. Did you had any reservations while taking on Dedh Ishqiya?

You know, when they narrated the script to me and told me about my role I was very excited, because my role is a multi layered one. It’s a character which appealed to me and it will appeal to you too when you see it on the screen. I can’t reveal much about it, that’s why I am holding back. You’ll know very soon why I picked a role like this.

As you said, you are returning to the silver screen after a long gap. Nervous?

I am not at all nervous. In fact, I am really excited. Not only because my role is good in the film, but because the script is also really good. I think Dedh Ishqiya is completely entertaining and that’s why I am more excited about it.

A lot of new female actors have been coming up and they are doing really well. Who do you think is your biggest contender?

See, this is a very creative field and no one is a contender. We are not horses who are racing against each other. It’s all about how much better you get and how well and cleverly you play a certain character.

But things have changed a lot as compared to in the 90s. Today is all about the numbers. How do you see competition at this point of time, when compared to in the 90s?

Hit films tabhi bhi thi, aur aaj bhi hain. So coining of words is different now. Earlier the words were ‘super hit’, ‘silver jubilee’, ‘golden jubilee’ and so on. Today it’s ‘Rs 100 crore’ this club and that club.

Are you enjoying this phase of your life?

Yes, I am enjoying this phase of my life. And I am having fun with it. Whether it’s TV or movies or ads, I enjoy it all and that’s the reason I do it.

We are seeing actors like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and many others romancing woman almost half of their age. Do you think Bollywood is biased towards male actors?

It has always been the case. Male actors are always seen working with a woman who is popular at that time. So you can’t blame them, as they want to do the best and bring out the best product. Also, male domination is everywhere in the world, so it’s not just Bollywood. So it’s all upon a female to make a place for herself. I have always seen that women have to work twice as hard as men.

What is your husband Dr Ram Nene’s response to the Dedh Ishqiya trailers?

He has watched the trailers and he is very proud of me.

How are your kids dealing with this change? Do they love being in India?

Yes, they do love being in India. They love the informality here. They love how their friends can drop in at any time and how they can go to their friends’ houses at any time. The only thing they miss here is space. They miss the parks and all. But apart from that, they are happy.

You are a very good singer – did the makers of Dedh Ishqiya ask you to sing a song?

I wish they had! But I am singing in Gulaab Gang. It’s a very small piece and it’s a very popular song. Just wait for it…

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